What is AGWU in Igbo tradition?

The Agwu is the Igbo patron deity of health and divination, and one of the basic Igbo theological concepts employed to explain good and evil, health and sickness, wealth and poverty, and fortune and misfortune. Belief in the Agwu was widespread in thepast.

What’s the meaning of AGWU?

/Agwụ/ Gender: m. 1. The god of confusion or madness; the executioner or punisher of the gods.

What is AGWU NSI?

Agwu Nsi (known as Agwo Nsi in the Americas) is the Alusi of divination.

What is Igbo name for lion?

There is just little understanding of Igbo origins and names of the feline (cat species) animals. You hear all manner of names that contradict biogeography. Like, “agụ is lion, andọdụm is tiger”. Or, “agụ is lion, and leopard is edi abalị”.

What is an Ogbanje child?

Ogbanje, the Repeating Children, or Changlings. … Ogbanje are children who die, usually very young, and return to be born and die again. They cause huge grief and sometimes anger in their parents. It is said they have a connection to the spirit world of the ogbanje. Because of the tie, they are called back to that world.

Who do the Igbo worship?

Igboland’s traditional religion is based on the belief that there is one creator, God, also called Chineke or Chukwu. The creator can be approached through numerous other deities and spirits in the form of natural objects, most commonly through the god of thunder (Amadioha).

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What did Igbo call god?

Unique Names of God in Igbo and their meaning

Names of God in Igbo Language Meaning
Olu ebube Glorious God
Nnukwu Chi Big God
Chinaza ekpere God that answers prayers
Aka chineke di ya or Akachukwu di ya The hand of God is there
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