What is educational planning in Nigeria?

Planning is the process of examining the future and drawing up. appropriate actions for achieving specified goals and objectives. Educational. planning on the other hand involves the setting of educational goals and. objectives, the formulation of educational policies and the coordination of.

What is educational planning?

Educational planning generally is understood to be the identification, development, and implementation of strategies designed to attain, efficiently and effectively, the educational needs and goals of students and society.

What is educational planning and its types?

of educational planning is the education plan which contains educational policies, goals and. objectives, activities and programmes to be carried out, implementation strategies, method of. monitoring and evaluation of achievement and progress and the time frame for. implementation.

What are the functions of educational planning?

Educational planning has become very important because: It makes sure an institution’s success. It considers the significant issues, constraints, conditions, and factors of education. The focus is on potential objectives, goals, and vision.

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What are the characteristics of educational planning in Nigeria?

(1) Educational planning must be one aspect of general national planning. (2) Research is based planning based on system analysis. (3) Planning must be a continues process. (4) Planning should find a definite place in educational organization.

What are the 5 main stages of educational planning?

There are five main stages of educational planning:

  • (1) Collection and Analysis of Statistical Information: …
  • (2) Evolving Policy Proposals: …
  • (3) Projections, Programming and Project Analysis: …
  • (4) Costing Educational Plans: …
  • (5) Decision, Implementation and Evaluation:

What are the six stages of educational planning?

Six-Steps in Curriculum Planning

  • Establish a value base for the program.
  • Develop a conceptual framework.
  • Determine program goals.
  • Design the program.
  • Establish program assessment procedures.
  • Implement the program.

What are the types of education planning?

Types of Educational Planning:

  • Administrative Planning: Generally speaking administrative planning refers to planning in administrative perspective. …
  • Academic or Curricular Planning: …
  • Co-curricular Planning: …
  • Instructional Planning: …
  • Institutional Planning:

What are the models of educational planning?

Whether they differ in function or form , we can identify at least five (5) groups of educational planning models as subsequently described.

  1. Comprehensive planning models. …
  2. Target setting models. …
  3. Models for adminstration and organizational analysis. …
  4. Models for costing and measuring effectiveness.

How many types of educational planning are there?

There are two common types of strategic plans in education as follows: Long Term Sector Plans (LTSP) • Medium Term Sector Plans (MTSP).

What are the 4 types of planning?

The 4 Types of Plans

  • Operational Planning. “Operational plans are about how things need to happen,” motivational leadership speaker Mack Story said at LinkedIn. …
  • Strategic Planning. “Strategic plans are all about why things need to happen,” Story said. …
  • Tactical Planning. …
  • Contingency Planning.
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What are the principles of educational planning?


  • Planning should be flexible.
  • Programs should be based on client needs.
  • The client system and planning context should be thoroughly analyzed.
  • Clients should be involved in the decision-making process of program planning.

What is importance planning?

Planning increases the efficiency of an organization. … It reduces the risks involved in modern business activities. It facilitates proper coordination within an organization. It aids in organizing all available resources.

What are the problems of educational planning in Nigeria?

A shortage of accurate statistical data, financial, qualified planners, poor national economic performance, unsuitable governing structures, political interference, and general instability have all contributed to low quality in educational planning.

What is the impact of planning?

Planning helps make our lives more successful and pleasant by reducing the amount of uncertainty and stress we must face. It brings order to our lives. Planning also helps us use scarce or sensitive resources wisely and efficiently.

How does the educational planning and management help the education system in the Philippines?

Educational planning is one of the vital components in attaining quality basic education. … The department aims at empowering every Filipino child and commit to advance the educational goal thus, planning process does its crucial parts of identifying key priority areas of improvement.

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