What is Farabale in Yoruba?

Farabale. (Yoruba) 604 up 510 down. Definition: Calm down, have patience, be patient, or don’t be afraid.

What is Farabale in English?

Here is farabale meaning in English: critically. cosy. cozy.

What is Fara Bale?

Here is fara bale meaning in English: pay attention. Pay attention in all languages.

What does NKO mean in Yoruba?

Ntooo = insult Nko = side or beside (In Yoruba ‘nko’ means ‘what about‘)

What is Gan in Yoruba?

Gan. Definition: A word of yoruba origin meaning “Big time

What does NKO mean in Nigeria?

Nko – Essentially means “what about” or “how about”

What does NKO mean?


Acronym Definition
NKO Navy Knowledge Online (US Navy)
NKO North Kenwood Oakland (University of Chicago Charter School campus; Chicago, IL)
NKO Nederlandse Katholieke Oudervereniging (Dutch: Dutch Catholic Parents; Netherlands)
NKO Nederlandse Kalibratie Organisatie (Dutch: Dutch Calibration Organization; Netherlands)
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