What is the cause of land dispute in Cameroon?

Disputes over access to land are relatively common in Cameroon. The main causes of these conflicts are changing land use patterns, increasing land degradation, increasing population densities and a lack of policies and rules for managing land disputes.

What are the effects of land dispute?

Land dispute in recent times have caused more damage and harm than good to the modern day society (Ukaejiofor, 2009). Land dispute often hinder the socio-economic activities of most urban and rural dwellers leading to economic hardship, poverty, health problems, food scarcity, low standard of living, among others.

How is land acquired and own in Cameroon?

Most of the land in Cameroon is classified as national land, including farmland and communal land held under customary law. The government can convert national land into state land and allocate use rights to it (e.g., forest concessions) or convert it to private ownership (e.g., for urban development).

What is national land in Cameroon?

National land is considered as all land that is not owned by individuals or a legal person established in the public interest, or that is not part of public or private land belong- ing to the State (Karsenty 2010). According to Tientcheu (2005), national land represents about 70% of the territory of Cameroon.

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How can I buy land in Cameroon?

Here are the nine legal steps to purchase or buy land in Cameroon:

  1. Searches and inspection of the title.
  2. Price negotiation and preparation of offers.
  3. Sale agreement and deposit payment.
  4. Payment of land rates.
  5. Transfer documents and consent to the transfer.
  6. Valuation.
  7. Payment of Stamp Duty.
  8. Registration of transfer.

What is land dispute settlement?

This Act deals in a comprehensive manner with the settlement of disputes regarding disputes as to interests in customary land, or as to the position of boundaries of any customary land by adjudication or alternative dispute resolution.

How do you win a land dispute?

Settlement or Agreement. The best solution to your dispute may lie in a settlement resolving differences with your opponent before the matter ever gets to court. Use of land is a complex subject so in any proposed settlement, you need to draw up clear agreements in writing on all important points.

What is a land certificate?

A document that takes the place of a title deed for registered land. It is granted to the registered proprietor of the land and indicates ownership. It will usually be kept in the Land Registry if the land is subject to a mortgage. From: land certificate in A Dictionary of Business and Management »

What products does Cameroon export?

Cameroon’s primary export crops are cocoa, cotton, coffee, bananas, rubber and palm oil (FAO, 14.07. 2006). The country’s main export partner is the European Union.

What is land property law?

Land law, as the name suggests, is the set of rules that govern the land and anything attached to it, such as trees or buildings, or anything in it, e.g. treasure or oil. People who work in this area of law have the task of fighting or defending disputes over land matters, such as rights of way and boundary issues.

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How much does it cost to build a house in Cameroon?

This article has provided an insight into the cost of building a house in Cameroon and tips you can use to effectively save costs. In sum, you will need about 20 to 30 million francs CFA to build a standard 3-bedroom bungalow, depending on your location in the country and other factors.

Can foreigners buy property in Cameroon?

Cameroon still lacks reliable national cadastral land register. Foreigners may own property which is classified as commercial or residential. Land can by “used” via a 99-year lease. Neither foreign individuals nor foreign controlled corporations can own agricultural land.

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