What is the meaning of ASA in Igbo language?

Is Asa a girl’s name?

The name Asa is a girl’s name of Hebrew, Japanese origin meaning “healer; morning; of the gods”. A male Biblical name meaning healer, Asa is also an international gem. In Japanese, it means “(born in the) morning”.

Is Asa a biblical name?

Asa (אָסָא) is a Hebrew name borne from the Bible; he appears in the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible as one of the early kings of Judah.

ASA. Assistant State Attorney. Attorney, Crime, Assistant.

What does Asa mean in business?

ASA Stands For : Advertising and Selling Association | American Spirit Arms | Advertising Standards Authority | A S A | Accredited Senior Appraiser | Alarm Systems Agent | Assistant Secretary of the Army | Associate of the Society of Actuaries | Air Source Adapter | Air Supply Adaptor | American Society of …

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