What is the meaning of DSSC in Nigerian Army?

Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is a short term training organized by the Nigerian Army for graduates from different institution in the country. …

What is Dssc in Nigerian Army?

Applications are invited from eligible Nigerians for commission into the Nigerian Army (NA) as Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) officers. The DSSC is open to both civilians and serving military personnel.

What is SSC in Nigerian Army?

Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) and Short Service Combatant (SSC) Commissions are popular terms in the Nigerian military. … Direct Short Service Commissions and Short Service Combatant (SSC) Commissions have more similarities than differences. They are both short-term military training exercises (usually 1 year).

What rank is Dssc?

While the DSSC Is a short period of Training Usually meant for Graduates who passed out from any recognized University or Polytechnic. The training always takes 6 – 9months and they are Commissioned with the rank of Sub Lieutenant.

What is meaning of DSSC?

DSSC stands for Direct Short Service Commission. DSSC stands for Defence Service Staff College.

What is the difference between Nigerian army Dssc and SSC?

While Short Service Combatant Commission (SSC) Is mainly for those that wants to be Combatant in the army. They are mainly deployed in the Infantry, Artillery. They are trained for action in the field just like Regular Cadets. … Those in the DSSC have less years to serve in the army due to the age factor.

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What rank do you get after NDA in Nigeria?

You are given a rank of cadet when you qualify for NDA… where you are trained for 3 years followed by 1 year of training at INA , IMA, AFA for Navy, Army, Air Force respectively. After passing out of respective academy you get the rank of Sub Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Flying Officer in your respective services.

What is the meaning of SSC?

Formerly called. Subordinate Services Commission. Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is an organisation under Government of India to recruit staff for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and in Subordinate Offices.

How much is Army salary in Nigeria?

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Noncommissioned Officer

Ranks Salary
Corporal N58,000
Sergeant N63,000
Staff Sergeant N68,000
Warrant Officer N80,000

What rank will I be in the army with a bachelor’s degree?

If you choose to enlist in the Army with a bachelor’s degree, you will enlist as an E-4 (Specialist). If you choose to take a commission, you will become an officer as an O-1 (Second Lieutenant). In the military, a college degree does not guarantee a starting rank.

What rank would I be in the army with a master’s degree?

If you have your Masters Degree when you join you would be commissioned into the Officer Corps as a Second Lieutenant and make approximately 45-50K per year. You would have to be accepted into an Officer Training Course or participate in some sort of ROTC to be able to join.

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