What is the most popular name in Nigeria?

Rank Gender Forename
1 100% Musa
2 100% Ibrahim
3 100% Abubakar
4 100% Sani

Common Nigerian names – English

  • Blessing. Mercy. Favour. Joy. …
  • Precious. Peace. Marvelous. Gift. …
  • Divine. Victor. Victoria. Victory. …
  • Blossom. Hope. Alice. Jenny. …
  • Sandra. Happiness. Paul. Paulina. …
  • Queen. Princess. King. Prince. …
  • Faith. Joyce. Patience. Gloria. …
  • Common Nigerian names from the different ethnic groups in Nigeria. Michael. Emmanuel.

Here is a collection of some popular Nigerian baby girl names to help you make a better decision.

  • Chioma – good luck or Good God. …
  • Aarin – Central. …
  • Bolade – honour will arrive. …
  • Olanrewaju – Wealth is my future. …
  • Adejumoke – The crown unites to pamper. …
  • Adebimpe – The crown gave birth to me completely.

What is the first name of Nigeria?

The root for the name “Nigeria” lies within the river Niger. It`s interesting that the honour of naming our massive country was given to a woman. Her name was Flora Shaw. This country`s name was coined in the late 19th century.

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What are the names in Nigeria?

Nigerian Baby Names

  • Sade.
  • Dola.
  • Alika.
  • Chinara.
  • Adesina.
  • Adanna.
  • Obi.
  • Adeola.

What is the name of woman that name Nigeria?

The nameNigeria” was coined by the future Lady Lugard in an 1897 London Times article.

What is the best English name for a boy?

Top 1,000 Baby Boy Names of 2020

  • Liam.
  • Noah.
  • Oliver.
  • Elijah.
  • William.
  • James.
  • Benjamin.
  • Lucas.

What are some African girl names?

African Baby Names

  • Nala.
  • Anika.
  • Kenya.
  • Ayana.
  • Safiya.
  • Jahzara.
  • Ayomide.
  • Bakari.

How can I change my name in Nigeria?

Process for changing your name in Nigeria

The first step is to swear an affidavit in court stating your intention to change your name. An affidavit is a technical term for a sworn statement in writing made especially under oath or on affirmation before an authorized magistrate or officer of the court.

Which tribe is the poorest in Nigeria?

The poorest tribes in Nigeria 2021

  • Igbo. After the Civil War, people of this ethnicity continued to suffer. …
  • Yoruba. This is another great ethnicity of the country. …
  • Fulani. This group lives in such states, as Plateau. …
  • Hausa. …
  • Kanufi. …
  • Kanuri. …
  • Uncinda. …
  • Kurama.

Which tribe is the oldest in Nigeria?

The oldest tribe in NIgeria is Ijaw tribe. Ijaw (also known by the subgroups”Ijo”or”Izon”) are a collection of indigenous peoples mostly to the forest regions of the Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers States within the Niger Delta in Nigeria.

How do you say goodnight in Nigerian?

Goodnight is easy. All you need to say is “ódi àárò”(which directly translates to “till morning”) or “e sun dada” (Means sleep well, “sùn re” cannot be used because it is used for dead people xD).

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Why do Nigerian names start with Ola?

“Ola” is a Yoruba name element which now* appears to most often be given the meaning “wealth”, but whose traditional meaning** is “honor (esteem)” or “wealth”.

What is God in Nigerian?

Oluwa – One of the common of Names of God in Yoruba meaning Lord. Olorun – It also means Lord. Olodumare or Eledumare – It means the Almighty. … Atofarati – It means the God you can lean on.

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