What kind of plants are found in Ghana?

What kind of plants are found in Ghana rainforest?

There the vegetation consists mostly of tall Guinea grass, together with a scattering of low trees, such as the shea butter tree, various species of acacia, and baobabs.

What is the national plant of Ghana?

Impala Lily “Adenium multiflorum” the National flower of Ghana.

How many types of vegetation do we have in Ghana?

There are six agro-ecological zones in Ghana: Sudan Savannah, Guinea Savannah, Coastal Savannah, Forest/Savannah transitional zone, Deciduous Forest zone and the Rain Forest zone.

What dangerous animals live in Ghana?

The Most Dangerous Animals in Ghana Today

  • Mosquitoes – While the mosquito is tiny, but it is one of the most deadly animals in Ghana because it can transmit malaria. …
  • Elephants – While elephants tend to be peaceful animals when left alone when humans encroach upon their territories, elephants often become dangerous.

Where is the biggest tree in Ghana?

Biggest Tree in Africa

The tree simply referred to as The Big Tree, is found in Akyem Aprokumase, a small town near Akim Oda in the Birim South District of the Eastern region. The tree is approximately 90m tall with a girth of 397 cm making it the biggest tree in the whole country.

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Is there a savanna in Ghana?

Ghana falls within two of the savannah ecosystems in West Africa. These are the Guinea Savannah and Sudan Savannah. The savannah ecosystem is the next most important terrestrial habitat in Ghana after the high forest. It accounts for nearly half of the total land area of the country.

What is an interesting fact about Ghana?

Fun Facts About Ghana

The country is the second largest producer of gold in Africa. Ghana is the worlds second largest producer of cocoa beans. The colourful national costume is made from handwoven cloth called kente.

What is the largest vegetation in Ghana?

The Deciduous Forest (DF) ecoregion in the southwest is Ghana’s largest ecoregion, with deciduous tropical forests scattered among a number of biological reserves.

What kind of food do they eat in Ghana?

The typical staple foods in the southern part of Ghana include cassava and plantain. In the northern part, the main staple foods include millet and sorghum. Yam, maize and beans are used across Ghana as staple foods. Sweet potatoes and cocoyam are also important in the Ghanaian diet and cuisine.

Is Ghana Tourist friendly?

People in Ghana are generally quite friendly. In fact, Ghana has the reputation of being one of the friendliest countries in Africa; many recommend it as an excellent entry point for first time travelers to the continent.

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