When were the Sokoto Caliphate in Nigeria established?

The Sokoto Caliphate was founded in 1804 by Uthman dan Fodio who became the first Sultan of Sokoto or in the terminology of the time, the first sarkin musulmi (commander of the faithful). Although dan Fodio refused to embrace the term Sultan, each of his successors called himself the Sultan of Sokoto.

What caused the Sokoto Caliphate?

The Sokoto Caliphate (1806 – 1906) was the largest state in West Africa since the 16th century. It was created by Muslim reformers in the Hausa states who did not believe their rulers were true believers of Islam.

What year was the administration of the caliphate divided?

In 1812 the administration of the caliphate was reorganized, the Shaykh’s two principal viziers, Abdullahi and Bello, taking responsibility for the western and eastern sectors, respectively. The Shaykh, though remaining formally caliph, was thus left free to return to his main preoccupations, teaching and writing.

Which is the hottest city in Nigeria?

This is so because, it is located in the dry Sahel surrounded by sandy savannah and isolated hills. Because of its geographical location, Sokoto has an annual average temperature of 28.3 °C (82.9 °F) making it the hottest part of Nigeria.

How did Islam arrive in Nigeria?

Islam was introduced to Nigeria through two geographical routes: North Africa and the Senegalese Basin. The origins of Islam in the country is linked with the development of Islam in the wider West Africa. Trade was the major connecting link that brought Islam into Nigeria.

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Where did Usman dan Fodio came from?

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