Where is Argungu located in Nigeria?

What is Kebbi state known for?

In terms of Cultural Festivals and Artifacts, the state is famous in the Argungu international Fishing and the Zuru annual Uhola Cultural Festivals.

What are the festivals in Nigeria?

Cultural festivals in Nigeria

  • Afan National Festival.
  • Agila Social and Economic Carnival.
  • Annang Festival of Art and Culture.
  • Argungu Fishing Festival.
  • Ayet Atyap annual cultural festival.
  • Badagry Festival.
  • Bala Baràà ma Jalàm cultural festival.
  • Carniriv.

Which ethnic group in Nigeria is noted for fishing?

Ijaw people (also known by the subgroups “Ijo” or “Izon”) are people in Niger Delta in Nigeria, inhabiting regions of the states of Bayelsa (their original Homeland), Delta, Edo, Ondo,Lagos state and Rivers state etc. Many are found as migrant fishermen in camps as far west as Sierra Leone and as far east as Gabon.

What is Oro in Yoruba?

Understanding The Antiquated Yoruba Oro Festival. The word Oro means fierceness, tempest, or provocation, and Oro himself appears to be personified executive power. Oro is supposed to haunt the forest in the neighbourhood of towns, and he makes his approach known by a strange, whirring, roaring noise.

What is Osun festival?

“The Osun Osogbo Festival is the biggest annual religious festival among the Yoruba people and serves as a strong unifying factor for indigenes of Osogboland, during which irrespective of the different social, economic, religious and political convictions of the people, they all come together annually to celebrate the …

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What is Sharo festival?

A test of manliness and endurance

he Sharo Festival is a prevalent cultural tradition that allows two suitors to flog each other publicly in a bid to win a maiden’s hand in marriage. It is practiced by the Fulani ethnic group, a tribe that inhabits the northern parts of West African countries like Nigeria and Senegal.

How is Sango Festival celebrated?

The Sango Festival is a 10 days event, which is marked with pomp and pageantry. Worshippers and visitors can be seen in a happy mood. The worshippers are usually adorned with white or red attire.

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