Where is Confluence State in Nigeria?

Information. Kogi is a state in the north-central zone of Nigeria. It is popularly called the Confluence State because the confluence of River Niger and River Benue is at its capital, Lokoja, which is the first administrative capital of modern-day Nigeria.

Does River Niger and Benue mix?

Lokoja is mostly known and celebrated for is its confluence. Lokoja, it is, where the two great rivers: Niger and Benue meet. … The Niger snaking its way through the upper part of the country down to Lokoja and even threading to other parts of the land especially the South West where it is revered and even deified.

Why is Kogi State called the confluence state?

Kogi State is nicknamed the “Confluence State” due the fact that the confluence of the River Niger and the River Benue occurs in its capital, Lokoja. Due to its strategic position in the middle of the country and its access to these major rivers, Kogi State is a key center of commercial trade in Nigeria.

Which state is River Benue located in Nigeria?

Geography. It rises in the Adamawa Plateau of northern Cameroon, from where it flows west, and through the town of Garoua and Lagdo Reservoir, into Nigeria south of the Mandara mountains, and through Jimeta, Ibi and Makurdi before meeting the Niger River at Lokoja.

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Where is Paparada square in Nigeria?

Paparanda square, lokoja, kogi state., Niger.

Why is the Niger river important?

The Niger River and its Inner Delta are vital for agriculture, livestock, fisheries, transport, energy, tourism, and water filtration, as well as as a habitat for a range of fish and other aquatic animals, including a variety of protected species.

How did Niger get its name?

The country takes its name from the Niger River, which flows through the southwestern part of its territory. The name Niger derives in turn from the phrase gher n-gheren, meaning “river among rivers,” in the Tamashek language.

What language is spoken in Kogi State?

There are three main ethnic groups and languages in Kogi: Igala, Ebira, and Okun (similar to Yoruba) with other minorities like Bassa, a small fraction of Nupe mainly in Lokoja, Gwari, Kakanda, Oworo people (similar to Yoruba), ogori magongo and the Eggan community under Lokoja Local Government.

Is igala a Yoruba?

The Attah explained that Igala language is 60%-70% Yoruba mixed with Jukun Kwararafa influences. The monarch pointed out that the Yoruba spoken in Ife or Ilesa is different from that spoken in Kabba, closer to Igalaland, saying that is how language diverged throughout Africa.

Is Kogi A Igbo?

Igbo is among the top three largest ethnic group in Nigeria and top ten largest ethnic in Africa. Igbo has the population of about forty five million people in Nigeria. It’s not surprising that the Igbos are indigenous to North Central (Benue and Kogi).

Is Kogi a Yoruba state?

Okun peoples is the term generally used to describe groups of Yoruba-speaking communities in Kogi state, North-central Nigeria. Their dialects are generally classified in the Northeast Yoruba language (NEY) grouping.

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Why is Lokoja a confluence town?

The confluence of the river that is the meeting point is at Lokoja, an ancient town that could as well be described as Nigeria’s nodal town as it’s centrally located in the Nigerian Geographical land mass. All parts of Nigeria can be accessed from this town which was once the administrative capital of Nigeria.

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