Where is the first story building built in Nigeria?

The First Storey Building in Nigeria is located in Badagry, Lagos State . It attracts many visitors every year. The foundation of the building was laid in 1842 while the house was completed in 1845. The one-storey building has its corrugated iron sheet roof overlooking the marina waterfront.

Who built the first storey building?

The official first storey building in Nigeria was built by Reverend Henry Townsend a missionary of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in 1845. The building served as the official residence of St Anglican Church. The foundation was laid in 1842 and it was completed in 1845.

What is the Colour of the first storey building in Nigeria?

Currently donning a fresh coat of white paint, with its wooden windows painted in light blue colours, the 168-year-old building, which is located in a sprawling compound in the town hundreds of miles away from Ikeja, the Lagos capital, still holds the aura of historical significance for any visitor.

Who built the first house in Nigeria?

As a child living in Badagry, Lagos state, I grew up hearing a lot about Nigeria’s first storey building, erected by Reverend Henry Townsend of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in 1845.

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What is the oldest house in Nigeria?

The History

For 173 years, Lagos has been arguably home to the oldest storey building in Nigeria. The famous white one-storey building in Badagry is believed to be the oldest storey building in Nigeria. It might not be as old at the English’s Dover Castle.

Who created the first 12 states in Nigeria?

The Creation of States

General Yakubu Gowon created twelve states out of the four regions that existed at that time appointing a governor to head them.

Where is the first building?

Dating back to around 3600 BCE, the Knap of Howar is the oldest building in the world and is most likely the oldest house still standing. The Knap of Howar consists of two stone-built houses that were discovered in the 1930s when erosion revealed parts of the stone walls.

What is the first building in the world?

Dating back to 3600 BC and 700 BC, the Megalithic Temples of Malta are considered to be the oldest free-standing structures on earth. The temples were built during three phases of cultural revolution – Ġgantija (3600-3200BC), Saflieni (3300-3000BC) and Tarxien (3150BC-2500BC).

Who started the first school in Nigeria?

The CMS Grammar School in Bariga, a suburb of Lagos in Lagos State, is the oldest secondary school in Nigeria, founded on 6 June 1859 by the Church Missionary Society. For decades it was the main source of African clergymen and administrators in the Lagos Colony.

When did Nigeria became a 36 state structure?

In 1987 two new states were established, followed by another nine in 1991, bringing the total to 30. The latest change, in 1996, resulted in the present number of 36 states.

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Where is the oldest house in the world?

Around 3500 BC – Knap of Howar, UK

Considered to be one of the oldest houses in the world, Knap of Howar is a stone house located on the remote island of Papa Westrey.. The farmstead has joint thick-walled buildings, which have low doorways that face the sea.

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