Which bank pays highest interest on savings account in Nigeria?

Fidelity Bank currently offers the highest interest rates for savings deposit accounts (target) in Nigeria in 2021 – 3.5%.

Which bank gives monthly interest on savings account?

Highest Banking Interest Rates

Bank Name Interest Rate Minimum Balance
Axis Bank 3.50% – 4.00% NIL
DBS Bank 3.00% – 4.00% Average Monthly Balance of Rs. 5000
India Post Office 4.00% Rs. 500
Kotak Bank 3.50% – 4.00% Rs. 5,000

Which bank has the highest interest on savings?

Best High-Yield Savings Account Rates

  • SmartyPig by Sallie Mae – 0.70% APY.
  • Affirm – 0.65% APY.
  • Fitness Bank – 0.65% APY.
  • ConnectOne Bank – 0.65% APY.
  • Axos Bank – 0.61% APY.
  • Monifi – 0.60% APY.
  • Customers Bank – 0.60% APY.
  • CFG Bank – 0.59% APY.

How much interest does Zenith bank pay on savings account?

Interest rate 1.15% P.A.

Does bank pay interest monthly?

The difference being that with a monthly income plan, the investors either have access to the interest earned on a monthly basis. Banks usually allow depositors to earn interest every month from regular fixed deposits at discounted interest rates.

How much interest will I get on $1000 a year in a savings account?

How much interest can you earn on $1,000? If you’re able to put away a bigger chunk of money, you’ll earn more interest. Save $1,000 for a year at 0.01% APY, and you’ll end up with $1,000.10. If you put the same $1,000 in a high-yield savings account, you could earn about $5 after a year.

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Which bank offers the best children’s savings account in Nigeria?

1. Smart Kids Save: This is the Guaranty Trust Bank savings account for children of 0 to 17 years old. The account is designed to create financial awareness in children and promote a savings culture from an early age.

What is the maximum amount in Gtbank savings account?

What is gtbank savings account limit for instant account? The maximum amount in gtbank savings account is three hundred thousand naira. That is the highest money which you can have in gtbank instant account is N300k and it you can’t exceed that, else the bank will call you to upgrade your account.

What is the maximum amount for savings account in Nigeria?

The Most Amount of Money a Savings Account Can Hold in Nigeria

Banks Max Amount a Savings Account Can Hold
Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) N5,000,000
United Bank of Africa (UBA)
Zenith Bank Plc
Fidelity Bank N4,000,000
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