Which state in Nigeria has the best wife material?

Which state in Nigeria has the best husband material?

1) Cross River State: Cross River is a state in South South Nigeria, bordering Cameroon to the east. Its capital is Calabar and its name is derived from the Cross River (Oyono) , which passes through the state. There men are always soft hearted and gentle , so they can make good husbands.

Which tribe is the best to marry in Nigeria?

Best Tribe to Marry as a Wife in Nigeria

  • Igbo. Igbo Men are known to have a lot of money and at the same time producing the best husbands. In addition, Igbo men love women that have oil in their head. …
  • Yoruba. Yoruba men are very romantic and I can’t imagine any other tribe could possibly do it any better.

Who is the best wife material?

11 characteristics of a good wife material

  • Question is:
  • 1) She is more beautiful on the inside: –
  • And Also.
  • 2) Fun to be with: –
  • 3) An excellent cook: –
  • 6) She is submissive: –
  • 7) She knows how to use money:-
  • 8) She is faithful: –
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How do you know if you are wife material in Nigeria?

How to Know Wife Material in Nigeria (5 Secret-Tips)

  • Dress Sense. They say the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed. …
  • Make-Up Sense. Another quality of a wife material is they don’t put on too much makeup. …
  • Money Palava. …
  • Prayer Warrior. …
  • Respectfulness.

Which state in Nigeria has the most beautiful ladies?

The title of the state with the most beautiful girls in Nigeria goes to Imo state Owerri with 93.6%!!. Imo state is home to the Igbo Ethnic group of Nigeria. Imo state is rich in natural resources including crude oil,agriculture and commerce.

Can Yoruba marry Igbo?

Hence, a Yoruba man could choose to pick his life partner from the Igbo clan and live with her in the relationship. Though a lot of folks see inter-ethnic marriages as a taboo. But all things considered, marriage outside one’s clan isn’t that an offense, and it’s approved under the law.

Which tribe is the best in Nigeria?

Top 10 Most Educated Tribes in Nigeria

  • #1. Yoruba. Unarguably one of the most educated tribes in Nigeria and even thought to be the most learned by some people. …
  • #2. Igbo. This tribe is synonymous with one thing- Business! …
  • #3. Hausa. …
  • #4. Edo. …
  • #5. Urhobo. …
  • #6. Itsekiri. …
  • #7. Ijaw. …
  • #8. Calabar.

What is the difference between Yoruba and Igbo?

While many Igbo members are primarily Christian, specifically Roman Catholic, most Yoruba people are followers of Christianity and Islam, almost equally. Some Yoruba people also adhere to traditional tribal religious beliefs.

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What do men want in a wife?

Like women, men want a life partner who will be trustworthy, faithful and reliable. They want a wife who will stand by their side and, considering divorce rates, it’s no surprise that dependability would continue to be attractive.

What do men want in a woman?

Men Want A Woman with A Good Personality

To have a nice caring personality is especially endearing to a man. He will know that no matter what happens you will take care of the people around you. He will love your beautiful nature and he will be proud of you.

What are good qualities in a wife?

20 Best qualities of a good wife

  • Caring and compassionate. A good wife exhibits both care and compassion. …
  • Sensitive of the little things. …
  • Spends quality time with her husband. …
  • Encourages her husband. …
  • Respects her husband. …
  • Puts her family first. …
  • Husband’s best friend and lover. …
  • A good problem-solver.

Who are wife materials?

Definition of wife material

You have heard about this wife material thing and in most cases, it is used to refer to a lady who is excellent at taking babysitting, cleaning, and cooking. Those who advocate feminism would say it is the perfect definition of a house help? Well, never mind.

How do I know a wife material?

Contents show

  • She knows what she wants in life.
  • She’s strong enough to protect herself.
  • She is focused on her professional goals.
  • She’s financially independent.
  • She doesn’t rely on anyone for stability.
  • She knows how to love and how to be selfless.
  • She knows how to inspire and encourage others.
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Where can I find wife material?

Church is one Of the best places to meet a wife Material

Almost all girls would tell you one of the qualities they look out for in a husband material is a God-fearing man. The nice, homely girls especially. So by going to church, you’d already ticked that box.

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