Who are Ghana’s biggest trading partners?

Exporter Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
China 1,896 18.16
United States 976 9.35
United Kingdom 686 6.57
India 582 5.58

Who are Zimbabwe’s biggest trading partners?

Zimbabwe’s trading partners include South Africa and other African countries, the United States, China, and some countries of the EU. Zimbabwe belongs to regional economic trade-and-development organizations, including the Southern African Development Community and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Who are Ghana’s trade partners?

Ghana’s main import partners include China (23 percent of total imports), the United States (10 percent), Belgium (8 percent) and India (5.1 percent).

Who are our top 5 trading partners?

The top five purchasers of U.S. goods exports in 2019 were: Canada ($292.6 billion), Mexico ($256.6 billion), China ($106.4 billion), Japan ($74.4 billion), and the United Kingdom ($69.1 billion).

Who is the largest trading partner?

List of the largest trading partners of the United States

Rank Country/District Imports
World 2,341,963
European Union 434,633
1 China 505,470
2 Canada 299,319

What is Zimbabwe’s biggest import?

Imports: The top imports of Zimbabwe are Refined Petroleum ($1.35B), Delivery Trucks ($135M), Packaged Medicaments ($133M), Nitrogenous Fertilizers ($83.4M), and Tractors ($79.4M), importing mostly from South Africa ($1.97B), Singapore ($1.11B), China ($407M), India ($154M), and United Arab Emirates ($128M).

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What did they trade in Great Zimbabwe?

Great Zimbabwe, extensive stone ruins of an African Iron Age city. … With an economy based on cattle husbandry, crop cultivation, and the trade of gold on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Great Zimbabwe was the heart of a thriving trading empire from the 11th to the 15th centuries.

What do Ghanaians buy most?

For every 10 Ghanaian that uses an eCommerce site, 6 out 10 patronizes any of these products.

  • Phones and Accessories. Phones and accessories sales are fast-moving products in Ghana. …
  • Laptops and Gadgets. …
  • Fashion. …
  • Baby Products. …
  • Electronics. …
  • Gaming. …
  • Health and Beauty. …
  • Home and Office Equipment.

What does Ghana import the most?

Top 10 Import Goods

HS Code Import USD$
(85) Electrical Machinery $685,024,806
(10) Cereals $522,913,947
(39) Plastics $499,851,680
(73) Iron & Steel Articles $391,476,023

What is Ghana’s biggest export?

Ghana’s main exports are gold, cocoa beans and timber products. Others include tuna, aluminum, manganese ore, diamonds and horticulture. It’s main exports partners are Netherlands, Burkina Faso, South Africa and United Kingdom.

Which country exports the most 2020?

The value of exports of China amounted to almost 2.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020, which placed this country on place one in the ranking of countries with highest exports globally. The value of goods exported from China almost doubled between 2009 and 2014.

Which country has the most trading partners?

Year-to-Date Total Trade

Rank Country Imports
Total, All Countries 1,093.7
Total, Top 15 Countries 853.3
1 Mexico 153.4
2 Canada 136.1
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Who is Iran’s biggest trade partner?

In 2019, Iran’s main import partner was the China with a share of 28 percent in all imports. Iran’s main import partners in descending order of importance include the United Arab Emirates, China, Algeria, India, South Korea and Turkey. Together the United Arab Emirates and China compose over 50 percent of all imports.

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