Who is minister of internal affairs in Uganda?

Ministry overview
Type Ministry
Jurisdiction Government of Uganda
Headquarters 75 Jinja Road Kampala, Uganda
Ministry executive Jeje Odongo, Minister of Internal Affairs

Who is the former minister of Internal Affairs in Uganda?

List of Ministers of Internal Affairs of Uganda

No. Name To
14 Hilary Onek 23 May 2013
15 Aronda Nyakairima 12 September 2015
16 Rose Akol 6 June 2016
17 Jeje Odongo Present

Who is the internal affairs minister?

As an interior ministry of India, it is mainly responsible for the maintenance of internal security and domestic policy.

Ministry of Home Affairs (India)

Ministry overview
Annual budget ₹167,250 crore (US$23 billion) (2020-21 est.)
Minister responsible Amit Shah, Minister of Home Affairs

Who is the minister of Constitutional Affairs in Uganda?

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (Uganda)

Ministry overview
Jurisdiction Government of Uganda
Headquarters 1 Parliament Avenue Kampala, Uganda
Ministry executive Kahinda Otafiire, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
Website Homepage

Who heads the Uganda Prisons?


Ministry responsible Ministry of Internal Affairs
Fax +256 41 343330
Website http://www.prisons.go.ug
Email info@ugandaprisons.go.ug
Head of prison administration (and title) (Dr) Johnson O.R. Byabashaija Commissioner General of Prisons
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What does the Minister of Internal Affairs do?

An interior ministry (sometimes called ministry of internal affairs or ministry of home affairs) is a government ministry responsible for internal affairs, particularly public security, emergency management, civil registration and identification, supervision of regional and local governments, conduct of elections, …

What internal affairs mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The internal affairs refers to a division of a law enforcement agency that investigates incidents and possible suspicions of law-breaking and professional misconduct attributed to officers on the force.

What are internal affairs of a country?

Internal affairs (law enforcement), a division of a law enforcement agency which investigates cases of police misconduct. Ministry of Internal Affairs, a department of government, used by many countries for a national agency with jurisdiction in domestic issues.

Who is the Minister of Constitution?

The Department of Legal Affairs is concerned with advising the various Ministries of the Central Government while the Legislative Department is concerned with drafting of principal legislation for the Central Government.

Ministry of Law and Justice (India)

Agency overview
Minister responsible Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Law and Justice

How many ministries are there in Uganda?

There are 32 Cabinet ministers and 50 Ministers of State in the Cabinet of Uganda (2021 to 2026).

What does Uganda Law Society do?

The Uganda Law Society is the Bar Association for lawyers in Uganda. From negotiating with and lobbying the profession’s regulators, government and others, to offering training and advice, we are here to help, protect and promote lawyers across Uganda.

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How many soldiers does Uganda have 2020?

Uganda currently has over 5,000 soldiers and officers from the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) serving with 10,000-strong AMISOM mission, along with troops from Burundi and Djibouti.

Who is current Minister of Defence?

What is the highest rank in the Ugandan army?

The highest rank attainable in the Army is the five-star General of the Army.

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