Who is the new Nigeria IGP?

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday appoint Usman Alkali as di new Inspector General of di kontri.

What is the role of IG in police?

IG stands for Inspector General of Police. He or she is a senior police officer in the Indian police. … IG is responsible for the entire administrative management of the police force and has the command over the national police service and may perform functions as per the national legislation.

What are the Nigerian police ranks?

Ranks in the Nigeria Police (in descending order)

  • Inspector General.
  • Deputy Inspector-General of Police.
  • Assistant Inspector-General of Police.
  • Commissioner of Police.
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police.
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police.
  • Chief Superintendent of Police.
  • Superintendent of Police.

What is AIG in police?

Full Form of AIG – Assistant Inspector General.

Who will succeed IGP Adamu?

Mohammed Abubakar Adamu (born 17 September 1961) is a Nigerian retired police officer who is formerly the 20th Nigerian inspector-general of police.

Mohammed Adamu
In office 15 January 2019 – 6 April 2021
Preceded by Ibrahim Kpotun Idris
Succeeded by Usman Alkali Baba
Personal details

What does 3 star mean in police?

After completion of their trainings, officers still hold the rank of assistant superintendent and wear three silver stars as insignia for a year and then they get promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police and are sent to the cadre which is allotted to them after training in the academy.

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What does IG mean in Whatsapp?

What Does IG Mean In Text? Without fanfare, ‘IG’ is the internet slang word that could be decrypted as “I guess” or “Instagram.” Both variants are widely used. The conversationalist determines the IG abbreviation meaning from the situation.

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