Who is the owner of Nakumatt Supermarkets in Kenya?

Atul Shah
Nationality Kenyan
Occupation Businessman & entrepreneur
Years active 1978–present
Organization Nakumatt Holdings Limited

How many Nakumatt stores are there in Kenya?

By February 2017, Nakumatt supermarket had 65 stores and was operating in four of EAC members countries’ markets, namely Kenya (46 stores), Uganda (9 stores), Rwanda (3 stores), Burundi (1 store) and Tanzania (5 stores) with a space floor of 20,000,000 m2.

How did Nakumatt fall?

It evident that Nakumatt Holdings collapsed due to mismanagement. … It is further stated by the independent auditor that Nakumatt lent its directors interest-free loans amounting to over Ksh 1 billion. This is an indication of poor corporate governance, which majorly contributed to the fall of the supermarket.

Does Nakumatt exist?

Nakumatt officially went out of business in January last year, more than two months before Kenya recorded her coronavirus infection.

Why Nakumatt is closing down?

Nakumatt expanded from a mattress shop in Nakuru to a network of more than 60 branches before a cash crunch forced it to shut down its outlets when it was unable to pay suppliers, landlords and other creditors for an outstanding debt of Ksh38 billion.

Why did the Tuskeys fail?

Out-of-court talks failed, when the siblings attempted to have the missing funds treated as loans by Tuskys to its directors. Tuskys has blamed its collapse on the Covid-19 pandemic, citing lower sales owing to general economic troubles across the country.

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Who owns Quickmart Kenya?

John Kinuthia who established the business in Nakuru and after he died, his son Duncan Kinuthia took over the management of the business and he’s the current owner.

The late founder of Tuskys Joram Kamau is the uncle of the two Naivas brothers. The story began with Nakumatt helping Mr Kamau set up a shop in Rongai and later lured him to Nairobi to enjoy the huge market share that now limping Uchumi had been enjoying alone. … “We are first cousins with Tuskys’ owners.

Why did Uchumi supermarket fail?

In the case of Uchumi which was government owned, senior managers run down the company through incompetence just like most State-owned companies. For example, there was blatant conflict of interest where top management were also leading suppliers to the retail chain and would pay themselves before others.

Why did Shoprite leave Kenya?

The South Africa-based retailer closed its four outlets in Westgate Mall, Garden City, Karen branch and the City Mall branch in Nyali, Mombasa and shed hundreds of jobs after its local operations underperformed. Shoprite attributed the shutdowns to reduced flow of shoppers.

When did Nakumatt close down?


Type Private
Industry Retail trade
Founded 1987
Defunct 2019
Headquarters Nairobi, Kenya

What does Nakumatt taste like?

Nakumatt Clay has a taste of roasted clay and smells very earthy. Delicious half roasted Nakumatt or full roasted both have an earthy flavour. Choose depending on how much smokiness you like.

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What is the Nakumatt?

Nakumatt Clay is a crunchy roasted clay from Asia, it’s a clay with a taste of roasted clay and smells very earthy. Delicious half roasted nakumatt or full roasted available.

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