You asked: What is the meaning of June 12 in Nigeria?

Democracy Day is June 12, a national public (bank) holiday in Nigeria. … Democracy Day marks the day the military handed over power to an elected civilian government in 1999, marking the beginning of the longest continuous civilian rule since Nigeria’s independence from colonial rule in 1960.

What happen in Nigeria on June 12 1993?

Presidential elections were held in Nigeria on 12 June 1993, the first since the 1983 military coup ended the country’s Second Republic. The elections were the outcome of a transitional process to civilian rule spearheaded by the military ruler, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB).

Who is MKO Abiola in Nigeria?

Moshood Abiola

Chief Moshood Abiola GCFR
Born 24 August 1937 Abeokuta, Ogun State
Died 7 July 1998 (aged 60) Abuja
Nationality Nigerian
Spouse(s) Simbiat Atinuke Abiola Kudirat Olayinka Adeyemi Adebisi Olawunmi Oshin Doyinsola Abiola Aboaba Modupe Onitiri-Abiola Remi Abiola (+other women)

Where is MKO Abiola from?

What happened Abiola MKO?

MKO Abiola died on 7 July 1998, the day he was due to be released from prison. His death was trailed by suspicious circumstances, while an official autopsy stated that Abiola died of heart attack, General Sani Abacha’s Chief Security Officer said Abiola was beaten to death.

What happened on June 12th?

1665: New Amsterdam legally becomes an English colony and is renamed New York after the Duke of York. 1673: Charles II’s brother, James, Duke of York resigns as Lord High Admiral. 1683: The Rye House plat against Charles II is uncovered.

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How old is Nigeria now?

Nigeria became a republic once again after a new constitution was written in 1979. However, the republic was short-lived, as the military seized power again and ruled for ten years. A new republic was planned to be established in 1993, but was aborted by General Sani Abacha.

History of Nigeria.

Fourth Republic 1999–present

Who killed Abiola in Nigeria?

At the trial the self-confessed killer, Sergeant Barnabas Jabila, said he was obeying orders from his superior, al-Mustapha. On 30 June 2012 Hamza Al-Mustapha and Alhaji Lateef Shofolahan were sentenced to be hanged for the murder of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola.

How do you become the president of Nigeria?


  1. They are a citizen of Nigeria by birth;
  2. They have attained the age of thirty five years;
  3. They are a member of a political party and is sponsored by that political party;
  4. They have been educated up to at least School Certificate level or its equivalent.

What MKO means?

Acronym. Definition. MKO. More Knowledgable Other (psychology)

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