You asked: What is the only natural lake in Ghana?

Lake Bosumtwi, lake, south-central Ghana, 17 miles (27 km) southeast of Kumasi. The only true inland lake in the country, it has no surface outlet and was formed in a meteorite impact crater.

How many natural lakes are there in Ghana?

Ghana has two major lakes: Volta and Bosumtwi. Lake Volta is human-made while Lake Bosumtwi is a natural water body. As early as 1915, Albert Ernest Kitson, a geologist had floated the idea of constructing a dam in Ghana. The actual construction was launched in 1961 by Dr.

Why is Lake bosomtwe a natural lake?

It is believed to be the result of meteoritic action about 1 million years ago, when a crater formed by the impact of an asteroid gradually filled with rainwater. It is the only natural lake in Ghana and one of six major meteoritic lakes in the world and is thus considered a unique national resource.

Where is the largest artificial lake in the world?

Lake Kariba is the world’s largest man-made lake and reservoir by volume. It lies 1,300 kilometres (810 mi) upstream from the Indian Ocean, along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Is Ashanti African?

The Ashanti Empire was a pre-colonial West African state that emerged in the 17th century in what is now Ghana. The Ashanti or Asante were an ethnic subgroup of the Akan-speaking people, and were composed of small chiefdoms. … During this era the Portuguese were the most active Europeans in West Africa.

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Which is the largest man made lake in India?

biggest man made lake in india – Jaisamand Lake

  • Asia.
  • Rajasthan.
  • Udaipur District.
  • Udaipur District – Places to Visit.
  • Jaisamand Lake.

Do all lakes have rivers?

Most lakes have at least one natural outflow in the form of a river or stream, which maintain a lake’s average level by allowing the drainage of excess water. Some lakes do not have a natural outflow and lose water solely by evaporation or underground seepage or both.

Why do scientists have interest in Lake bosumtwi?

The Bosumtwi impact crater and the lake that fills it are not only of scientific interest, but also have the potential to be important for the development of ecotourism in Ghana. … The lake is in a hydrologically closed basin; thus, all pollutants remain in the lake and concentrations will increase in the future.

Which of these is the deepest lake in Africa?

At 1,470m, Lake Tanganyika is the deepest lake in Africa (second-deepest in the world) by a wide margin compared to the rest of the African lakes.

Which lake is found in West Africa?

Lake Chad, French Lac Tchad, freshwater lake located in the Sahelian zone of west-central Africa at the conjunction of Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. It is situated in an interior basin formerly occupied by a much larger ancient sea that is sometimes called Mega-Chad.

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