Your question: What is KPMG Nigeria salary?

Job Title Location Salary
Senior Associate salaries – 24 salaries reported Lagos NGN 406,000/mo
Analyst salaries – 13 salaries reported Lagos NGN 150,000/mo
Associate salaries – 13 salaries reported Lagos NGN 3,900,000/yr
Audit Senior Associate salaries – 11 salaries reported Lagos NGN 3,600,000/yr

How much is KPMG paid Nigeria?

Associates at KPMG Nigeria are paid around 2.16 million Naira to 2.36 million Naira annually. An Audit Associate is paid between 144,000 and 157,000 Naira per month. Senior analysts are paid in average between 2.14 million Naira and 2.6 million Naira every year.

Does KPMG pay well?

The average tax accountant salary at KPMG is in the range of $46,000 to $62,000 (but, it’s a good idea to stick around for 5 years because then the average salary goes up to $106,000). The average starting CPA salary at Ernst and Young is in the range of $40,000 to $63,000 for an entry-level position.

What is the KPMG graduate salary?

KPMG Salary FAQs

The average salary for a a Graduate is £31,225 per year in London Area, which is 6% lower than the average KPMG salary of £33,573 per year for this job.

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What is the salary structure in KPMG?

The average KPMG salary ranges from approximately ₹ 3,47,953 per year for a KYC Analyst to ₹ 90,29,910 per year for a Director. KPMG employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.4/5 stars.

Do KPMG interns get paid?

In a year, the firm takes on approximately 3,300 interns. Most interns at KPMG are paid approximately $24 an hour, according to jobs and salary website Glassdoor. … Notably, all companies on the Top 100 internship list also pay their interns.

How much does a manager at KPMG earn?

KPMG Salary FAQs

How does the salary as a Manager at KPMG compare with the base salary range for this job? The average salary for a Manager is A$115,000 per year in Australia, which is 2% lower than the average KPMG salary of A$118,000 per year for this job.

Why is big 4 salary so low?

These people need Big4, and Big4 can offer lower salaries because this signifies that these individuals are committed to the company and not to the salary; and those who seek out higher compensation can either grow within these companies (Big4) or seek employment elsewhere once they’ve obtained their CPA license.

Is KPMG a good place to work?

86% of employees at KPMG LLP say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

Does KPMG give bonuses?

Based on feedback from 13 KPMG employees about sign on bonuses, 62% said “I didn’t receive a signing bonus.”In the case of employees at KPMG who did receive a bonus the most common sign on bonus received was $1,000 $5,000. Lastly, employees at KPMG’s New York office were most likely to receive a sign on bonus.

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How much do KPMG apprenticeships pay?

How much does a Apprentice at KPMG make? The typical KPMG Apprentice salary is £21,356 per year. Apprentice salaries at KPMG can range from £19,138 – £26,000 per year.

How does KPMG pension work?

Among the benefits you’ll receive with the KPMG Pension Plan are: — A one-time $7,000 pension credit* to your plan account. At the time you become a plan participant, your plan account is credited with a one-time $7,000 credit. — Annual service credit.

How much do Deloitte pay graduates?

Managementconsulted, a website which tracks pay for consultants in the U.S., says Deloitte pays newly hired graduates $85k.

Is KPMG private?

Global structure

Each national KPMG firm is an independent legal entity and is a member of KPMG International Limited, a UK Limited Company incorporated in London, United Kingdom. … The member firms provide the services to client.

What are the different levels at KPMG?

Everyone seems to work together to get things done, no matter what level in the hierarchy there are. Standard Big4 structure (partner, director, senior manager, manager, senior consultant and consultant).

How do I prepare for a KPMG interview?

Useful tips for the interview day:

  1. Arrive a few minutes earlier, do not be late!
  2. Look professional: dressing appropriately, maintaining eye contact and taking care with your body language are key factors in making a good impression.
  3. Listen. …
  4. Clarify the question. …
  5. Do not smoke, chew gum or be too familiar.
  6. Smile!
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