Your question: What is the national drink of Ethiopia?

Consequently, tej forms an important part of Ethiopian society and culture and is considered the national drink of Ethiopia. It is called myes (ሜስ) in Tigrinya, and daadhi in Oromo.

What is Ethiopian drink?

Ethiopian alcoholic beverages of plant origin and their production. In Ethiopia, very popular traditional fermented alcoholic drinks include tella [7], tej [8], areki [9], borde [10], and shamita [11]. Tej is mead which is prepared from honey, water, and leaves of gesho (Rhamnus prinoides) [8].

How do you drink Tej?

Made of water, honey, and gesho leaves (an indigenous plant used as hops), the drink is typically served in a stainless-steel kettle and drunk from small glasses with narrow necks that look like beakers taken from a laboratory. There’s an old Amharic saying: Tej for the nobles and a cabbage for the poor.

What is Ethiopian Tela?

Tella or talla (Amharic ጠላ; Oromo: farsoo, Tigrinya: siwa) is a traditional beer from Ethiopia. It is brewed from various grains, typically teff and sorghum. Depending on region, barley, wheat, or maize may be used; spices can also be added. … Tella was commonly used for kiddush by the Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews).

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Can you drink alcohol in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has banned all advertising of alcoholic drinks, as part of efforts to promote healthy living in the East African nation. The ban comes after government forbade smoking near public institutions and introduced a car-free day in major Ethiopian cities one Sunday a month. …

What kind of language is spoken in Ethiopia?

Amharic is the government’s official language and a widely used lingua franca, but as of 2007, only 29% of the population reported speaking Amharic as their main language. Oromo is spoken by over a third of the population as their main language and is the most widely spoken primary language in Ethiopia.

How do you make Ethiopian Tej drink?


  1. 21 ounces (621 ml) liquid honey.
  2. 63 ounces (1.86 L) water.
  3. ½ teaspoon (1.6 g) brewer’s yeast.
  4. 5 ounces (142 g) gesho.

How long can you keep Tej?

Tej typically takes two weeks to ferment, but can be left for up to five weeks to taste more like a potent wine.

Is Ethiopian honey wine mead?

Tej (from Amharic: ጠጅ, pronounced [ˈtʼədʒ]) is a honey wine, like mead, that is brewed and consumed in Ethiopia and Eritrea. … In Ethiopia, tej is often homemade or served at tej houses, and is often served in a flask-like pitcher or bottle, called a berele.

What is the word Tej?

Filters. A style of mead or honey wine common to Ethiopia and Eritrea. noun.

How do you make alcoholic honey?


  1. Heat 2.5 gallons of water to 160° F and stir in 1 gallon of honey until completely dissolved.
  2. Add an additional 2.5 gallons of room temperature water to the honey solution.
  3. Cool to 70F using an immersion chiller.
  4. Aerate by pouring mash back and forth between two buckets.
  5. Add yeast of choice.
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What is Ethiopian tea?

Addis Tea (Shay) is an Ethiopian Black Tea organically cultivated in the fertile lands of Ethiopia., which produce a rich black tea plant. … Adults prefer their tea in the afternoon. Ethiopian tea is prepared with added spices like green cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. More like an Indian chai without the milk.

What is Ethiopian coffee?

Ethiopian beans as a whole are known for their winey quality and bright mouthfeels. They typically have a light to medium body, higher acidity, and complex flavor notes. Most of the coffees from Ethiopia are naturally processed, which means that they are dried with the cherry fruit still attached to the coffee bean.

Below are 10 more essential Ethiopian dishes:

  • Injera (sourdough flatbread) …
  • Tibs (sautéed meat chunks) …
  • Shiro be Kibbe (legume stew) …
  • Berbere (typical spice blend) …
  • Kitfo (Ethiopian beef tartare) …
  • Coffee. …
  • Tej (an alcoholic honey beverage) …
  • Juices.
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