Your question: Who is to blame for the falling standard of education in Nigeria?

What are the factors responsible for the falling standard of education in Nigeria?

Inadequacy of funding, lack of teaching tools and modern classrooms, poor numerations and the acute shortage of qualified teachers, have all contributed to the fall in the standard of education in Nigeria.

Who is responsible for education in Nigeria?

However, although basic education is the statutory responsibility of state and local governments, the federal government participates in the funding of basic education with two percent of its consolidated revenue fund (CRF) annually in line with the provisions of the UBE Act 2004.

What is fallen standard of education?

The fallen standard of education is the decline or reduction in the quality of education in any society when compared with the former status.

What is the standard of education in Nigeria today?

Nigeria’s education system is based on the (1)-6-3-3-4 formula: one year pre-primary education, six years primary, three years junior secondary, three years senior secondary, and a minimum of four years tertiary education.

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What are the educational problems in Nigeria?

15 Problems of Education in Nigeria and Possible Solutions

  • Poor Funding. …
  • Poor Governance. …
  • Corruption. …
  • Lack of Responsibility and Control. …
  • Politicization of Education. …
  • Lack Of Infrastructure. …
  • Indiscipline. …
  • Poor Parenting And Guidance.

How did education started in Nigeria?

Western or formal education was started in Nigeria in 1842 — only at the primary level — by the Christian missionaries who managed the educational system according to their respective philosophies. The missionary organizations available then were the Chord missionary society, the Wesleyan Methodist, and the Catholic.

What is the definition of standards in education?

Educational standards are the learning goals for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. … In other words, the Common Core is what students need to know and be able to do, and curriculum is how students will learn it.

What is poor funding?

“Poor” Funding Level. Also referred to as “weak” funding level. One of three broad funding levels on a spectrum ranging from 0-100%, which is a measure of the relative financial strength of the reserve fund. Generally a poor funding level is considered when the percent funded balance is between 0% and 30%.

What is the highest level of education in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s university system resembles that of the United States – it includes an undergraduate bachelor’s degree followed by a master’s degree, and a doctoral degree. The system includes postgraduate diplomas, as well as non-university National Diploma, and Higher National Diploma programs.

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Where does Nigeria rank in education?

A rough summary of a few other countries;

Ghana ranks 104th in global education system and 12th in Africa ahead of Zimbabwe, while Nigeria seats at 124th position in the world and 25th in Africa behind Rwanda.

Is the standard of education in Nigeria falling?

It was found that standards have fallen at all levels of education, with the tertiary level being most hit, followed by secondary, and least, primary level. Three major reasons found were poor funding of education, poor implementation of educational policies and programmes and poor attitude to school-work.

What is the meaning of falling standards?

If something is falling, it is becoming lower in size, amount, or strength: falling birth/interest rates. falling standards. Becoming and making smaller or less.

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