Are Chinese borders open to South Africa?

Can I travel to China from South Africa right now?

As from 1st September 2020, both Chinese and foreign passengers traveling from or transiting through South Africa or Eswatini to China or ultimately bound for China via any other countries must apply for Green Health Codes (for Chinese citizens only) with an “HS” mark or Health Declaration Forms (for foreign citizens …

When can South Africans enter China?

The earliest you can apply for your China visa is 3 months before your date of departure. Since the validity of the tourist visa is only 3 months, we suggest applying 1-2 weeks before travelling.

Can I enter China?

China currently allows foreign nationals with valid residence permits and visas to enter the country under certain very limited conditions.

Is South Africa open for travel?

Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes. On November 11, 2020, President Ramaphosa announced that the Government of South Africa would open up international travel to all countries subject to the necessary health protocols and the presentation of a negative COVID-19 certificate.

Is China visa free for South Africa?

Can Chinese citizens enter visa-free to South Africa? No, Chinese nationals need a visa to enter South Africa even for short stays and transit. Some exceptions apply — for example, holders of United Nations laissez-passers do not require a visa.

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Is there a Chinese minister in South Africa?

Xiaomei Havard (Chinese: 小梅哈佛; pinyin: Xiǎoméi hāfó) is a Chinese-born South African businesswoman and politician from Gauteng who currently serves as a Member of Parliament for the African National Congress.

How much is a visa from South Africa to China?


1 entry visa R.250
2 entry visa R.380
Mutiple entry visa valid for 1-6 months R.500
Mutiple entry visa valid for one year R.750
Express service fee for the next working day R.250

Can I get a 10 year visa for China?

What is a China Tourist 10-year Visa? Those holding a US passport, who also reside in the US, are now eligible for a 10-year visa for tourism. This visa allows you to enter and leave China as many times as you want within the 10 year period. Please note that the maximum stay per visit is 60 days.

Do I have to quarantine in China if I have the vaccine?

They must apply for a visa in advance, and show their proof of vaccination on arrival, as well as the negative tests. Arrivals are screened once more at the airport. Those failing the checks will be sent to government facilities. You must then quarantine on arrival.

Are Chinese cities safe?

Most major cities in China are extremely safe. Violent crime remains rare and it is generally safe even for women walking alone at night. There are some scams, as in any country and petty crimes can happen especially in crowded areas.

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