Best answer: Does South Africa export various types of citrus?

South African exports of Valencia oranges and grapefruits showed the strongest growth last year, increasing by 5% and 16%, respectively. Exports of navel oranges and lemons also rose slightly. Exports of soft citrus are estimated to increase by 29% in 2021, up to 30.5 million cartons.

Does South Africa export oranges?

Today, South Africa is the largest orange exporter in the Southern Hemisphere. It accounts for more than 60% of Southern Hemisphere exports. (Read more about Orange Production in South Africa.)

Where does South Africa export citrus to?

Europe is the largest export market for South Africa’s citrus, generating an average of 45% of South Africa’s total citrus export revenue, with Asia and the Middle East consisting of 37%, and North American markets accounting for 8%.

What fruit is exported from South Africa?

Citrus fruits constituted the largest share of exported fruit, with a share value of 40.8 % collectively. Oranges topped the list of fruit exports by South Africa with a share value of 21.4 %, followed by table grapes, apples and lemons constituting a share value of 14.7 %, 12.4 % and 9.1 % respectively.

What is the most profitable citrus?

“So lemons, they are actually the most profitable because a lemon tree will produce three times as much fruit as a navel [orange] tree,” Payne said.

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How much citrus does South Africa produce?

By Hassan Farouk Ahmed Morocco’s citrus production reached 2.3 million metric tons (MT) in 2016–17, an increase of 15 percent over the previous marketing year. Orange production increased by 4 percent, to 962,250 MT, while tangerine and mandarin production increased 24 percent to 1,325,246 MT.

How big is the citrus industry?

Citrus utilized production in the United States for the 2019-20 season totaled 7.78 million tons, down 4 percent from the 2018-19 season. The production figures come from the Citrus Fruits 2020 Summary, a U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service document.

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