Best answer: How long is a roadworthy certificate valid in South Africa?

A roadworthy certificate is valid for a period of 2 months (since 29th July 2011, previously 6 months), and therefore a VALID roadworthy certificate means that the vehicle passed a roadworthiness test within the last 2 months.

How long does roadworthy certificate last in South Africa?

The validity period of a roadworthy is 60 days. If the roadworthy expires before it is used for change of ownership or for the renewal of annual licences, a new roadworthy will be required where another full test will be done.

How much does a roadworthy certificate cost in South Africa?

DEKRA offers a roadworthy test that is recognised by NATIS, at a cost of R553. The roadworthy test takes less than an hour. If your car fails the test, you have to rectify the faults and re-submit your car for a test. 2.

Who is responsible for roadworthy certificate in South Africa?

About a roadworthy certificate

A bus must be tested for roadworthiness every six months. It is your responsibility as the owner of a vehicle to have your vehicle tested. You can take it to a private or public vehicle testing station.

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Do you need a roadworthy certificate in SA?

A roadworthy inspection is required if the vehicle: has been fitted with a non-standard engine – phone vehicle standards on 1300 882 248 to ask about your vehicle or email has been structurally changed – eg change the length of wheelbase. has been issued with a defect notice.

How much does a RWC cost?

Average Roadworthy Certificate Cost by State

State Minimum Cost
NSW $42 (light vehicle) *pink slip only, fixed government fee
QLD $86.20 (Safety inspection for private vehicle) *fixed government fee
VIC $195.00 labour fee charge based on hourly labour rates
ACT $73.50 (light vehicle) *fixed government fee

What is a 80 point check?

Every MasterCar is subject to an 80-point mechanical check to ensure that your vehicle is checked inside and out. … When you buy a MasterCar you can be assured that the service history has been checked and confirmed for all makes of vehicles.

How much does it cost to register a car in South Africa?

Here are the new car license fees for Gauteng, the Western Cape and KZN in 2019

Type Western Cape Gauteng
Vehicle registration fee R220 R192
Motorcycle licence fee R192 R216
Car licence fee (0-250 kg) R288 R216
Car licence fee (251-500 kg) R300 R324

Can I sell a car without RWC?

In New South Wales, Roads and Maritime Services will allow a privately-owned motor vehicle to be on-sold without a roadworthy certificate, but vehicles over five years old require an annual safety inspection before the registration can be renewed.

Can I do change of ownership without roadworthy?

Fear not though, as vehicle ownership can be transferred without a valid roadworthy certificate. The licensing department will gladly transfer the ownership and provide a new registration document but will withhold the license disc until such time as a valid roadworthy certificate can be produced.

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What documents are required for vehicle change of ownership in South Africa?

The seller must complete and submit form NCO (Notification of Change of Ownership), Your Identity Document (ID), The vehicle registration certificate (in the seller’s name) The roadworthy certificate is required for licensing, if the current certificate is older than sixty days.

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