Can I take gold out of South Africa?

In order to prove that you took valuable items, such as jewellery, watches, cameras, video cameras, laptops, with you out of South Africa, you need to register them for re-importation before departure. … before your departure from South Africa.

Can I take my Krugerrands out of South Africa?

What value of Krugerrand coins can be taken out of South Africa? Authorised Dealers may allow residents to export Krugerrand coins or the equivalent in fractional Krugerrand coins up to an amount of R30 000 as gifts for non-residents subject to the completion of the prescribed SARS Customs declaration.

How much currency can I take out of South Africa?

You’re allowed to declare and carry a maximum of R25 000/unlimited foreign currency per person. The amount of South African currency you’re allowed to carry if you’re leaving to a country within the Common Monetary Area is unlimited.


Krugerrand gold bullion coins are legal tender under the South African Reserve Bank Act (No 90 of 1989). Although Krugerrands are legal tender, they carry no monetary face values.

Do you have to pay tax on Krugerrands?

The taxation of the proceeds of the sale of Krugerrands is not covered by any specific tax legislation. … In terms of that rule, the sales proceeds of shares held for more than three years are taxed as capital.

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Is the Krugerrand a good investment?

The short answer is yes. Gold is what’s known as a “safe haven” investment, and Krugerrands are a highly sought-after type of gold. By investing in the commodity, your money will surely appreciate. To better understand the safety of your investment, it’s useful to know why gold is considered such a safe investment.

How can I get my money out of South Africa?

To change your status from resident to non-resident, you can financially emigrate, he said. He said that there are two main methods of transferring money out of the country – either through their bank or a forex broker. A number of people choose to use their bank to move money offshore.

Can a South African have an overseas bank account?

South Africans living in the country are allowed to have offshore bank accounts and invest offshore.

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