Do Africans speak French with an accent?

All people speak, including Africans, with an accent. This being said, African people who speak French mostly have a very strong distinct accent. North African French speakers, Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians; also have a distinct accent, but not as strong as the one black Africans have.

Do Africans have a French accent?

Africa is thus the continent with the most French speakers in the world. French arrived in Africa as a colonial language; these African French speakers are now a large part of the Francophonie. … In each of the francophone African countries, French is spoken with local variations in pronunciation and vocabulary.

Can French understand African French?

Although the language is different in some African countries due to the presence of other languages and dialects, French people can still understand french from African Countries.

What African country speaks French?

Only official language

Burkina Faso. Congo. DR Congo, the most populated French-speaking country in the world.

Who speaks the purest French?

Actually, the purest French is spoken by all middle-to-upper classes anywhere in the central an northern part of the country — Orléans, Cherbourg, Bourges, Nancy, Rennes, Amiens, Dijon, Rouen or Tours…

What is the most beautiful French accent?

The Parisienne accent is considered the standard and it can sound very elegant. The Ch’ti accent sounds like people who want a good laugh, perhaps because they live in a damp, chilly part of the country. I also enjoy the “buddy” feel of Québécois accent and vocabulary.

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Is French dying?

The French language is not dying, but rather, it is growing due to rising French-speaking populations namely oi Africa. Along with German, it’s one of the most important natively-spoken languages in the European Union, and despite being strictly controlled by the Acadamie Française, it’s evolving.

Is African French easier?

Honestly, it can often be easier than understanding regional French or French-Canadian accents. In my experience, French-speaking Africans speak fairly slowly, but more, each syllable is around the same length. Native French speakers tend to “blurt” – have pauses and then emit a lot of words really fast.

What is the oldest African language?

Ancient Akan of Ghana called Adrinka

Africa has the world’s oldest and largest collection of written languages, known to man! This also goes to dispel the notion that Africa was uncivilised or barbaric before the Westerner came.

What percentage of Africa speaks French?

The number of people speaking French has shown a steady increase: up nearly 9.6% since 2014. Measuring from 2010 to today, 22.7 million more people speak French: 68% of these are sub-Saharan Africa, while 22% live in North Africa.

Is French useful in Africa?

French is official language in most West African countries and it is spoken at national and functions as well as in the media. Each country may have its own way of pronouncing of some french words but on the whole French serve as a unifying factor among all these Francophone countries.

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