How do I recharge my Shoprite Econet airtime in South Africa?

How do I recharge my Shoprite Econet airtime?

Simply follow these steps. Purchase Econet vouchers at Shoprite, Checkers & Checkers Hyper. Then dial *133*003*8*PIN# to redeem directly into your CALL HOME wallet.

How do I recharge my Econet airtime in South Africa?


  1. Dial *151#
  2. Enter pin.
  3. Select recharge option.
  4. Select Option 1 (my number) 2 (other).
  5. Enter amount.
  6. Enter Option 1 to Confirm.

Does Shoprite sell Zimbabwean airtime?

With our SEND HOME wallet system exclusively on CALL HOME lines, you can easily transfer airtime to any Econet Zimbabwe customer right from your phone. ECONET AIRTIME sells at Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper and Usave.

How do I buy airtime from South Africa to Zimbabwe?

All you need is the phone number of the person you’re sending the airtime to and you can complete the process in minutes.

  1. Select the ‘Airtime’ service from the ‘Send to’ box on our website or app.
  2. Enter and confirm the phone number of your recipient.
  3. Choose from the top-up amounts you’ll be presented with.
  4. Pay online.
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How do I check my ShopRite points?

A: Click on “My ShopRite” in the navigation bar to view all your account information in one location including your Price Plus ® club card number and points, digital coupons loaded, past purchases and saved lists.

How can I get free airtime on ShopRite?

In order to redeem the free airtime, the customer has to dial the voucher code as follows: *130*159*vouchercode#.

How can I buy airtime in South Africa?

How to buy South African airtime online

  1. Select the ‘Airtime’ option from the dropdown menu in the blue ‘Send to’ box.
  2. Enter the mobile phone number of the person you’re sending the airtime to.
  3. Choose the airtime top-up amount.
  4. Pay online.
  5. You and your recipient will receive an SMS notification once the top-up is complete.

How do I top-up my NetOne airtime?

Simply enter the NetOne number to recharge, Select the amount of airtime you want, Enter your EcoCash number and click “Buy,” Check your EcoCash phone to confirm the transaction by entering your PIN The airtime is sent directly to the phone you are recharging.

How do I convert airtime to data with Econet?

Convert your airtime by dialling *140# and follow instructions; Recharge using Ecocash by dialling *151#, enter your Ecocash pin then select option 2 to buy bundles and option 3 for data bundles then select option 1 if you are buying bundles for your mobile and option …

How do I transfer airtime to another number?

Method 1 using *111# to share or transfer airtime

  1. Dial *111#
  2. Option 3 and press enter.
  3. Enter recipient’s number.
  4. Enter amount 5. Press enter.
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How do you convert airtime to EcoCash in Zimbabwe?

Airtime Conversion steps:

  1. Dial *100#
  2. Select 4 EcoCash.
  3. Select option 2 Airtime to EcoCash Conversation.
  4. Select 1 Convert Airtime.
  5. Enter Amount you wish to convert.
  6. Press 1 to confirm.

How do I register for EcoCash in South Africa?

EcoCash Diaspora

  1. REGISTER. Dial *130*567# or call 086 001 855 and provide your ID number.
  2. CREATE AN ORDER. Dial *130*567# (no airtime required) Select EcoCash as method of receiving cash. Pay for your order at any of the following: Boxer, Lewis, PEP, Pick n Pay, Kazang, Shoprite, Ackermans or Spar.
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