How much do social auxiliary workers get paid in South Africa?

Remuneration: Grade 1: R 148 215 – R 166 830 per annum; Grade 2: R 176 982 – R 199 188 per annum; Grade 3: R 211 323 – R 265 320 per annum (OSD as prescribed)

How much do school social workers earn in South Africa?

An early career School Social Worker with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of R185,806 based on 10 salaries. A mid-career School Social Worker with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of R180,000 based on 5 salaries.

How long does it take to study social auxiliary work?


The training programme period for qualification is 12 months. It should be noted that the process of moderation, verification until certification can take up an additional six months.

How much do newly qualified social workers earn?

Newly qualified social workers could expect to earn from £22,000 per year and this could rise up to £40,000 per year as you take on additional tasks, gain responsibilities and experience.

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What is the lowest paid social worker?

Salary Outlook

The median is the midpoint of a distribution of salaries. The lowest 10% of social workers earned less than $30,750 per year in 2018, according to the BLS. The highest 10% of earners made more than $81,400 annually that year.

Does South Africa need more social workers?

Officials need to be reminded that they are not doing us any favour, but that is their mandate as an office to assist us. SACSU is helping unemployed social workers to be placed in different Government Departments as their skills is needed all over South Africa.

SACSU: South Africa needs more social workers.

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How much does teachers earn in South Africa per month?

The average salary for a teacher is R 9 881 per month in South Africa.

How much does a social auxiliary worker earn?

Remuneration: Grade 1: R 148 251 per annum : Grade 2: R 176 982 per annum : Grade 3: R 211 323 per annum Annual salary plus service benefits (13th cheque, employer’s contribution to the pension fund, housing and medical aid allowance).

What do social auxiliary workers do?

Social Auxiliary Work is a supportive service to social work in order to achieve the aims of Social Work. This means that the social auxiliary worker assists or supports the social worker in working with individuals, families, groups or communities.

What colleges offer social auxiliary?

Institutions Offering Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work

  • Lethukukhanya Health Institute, Johannesburg. …
  • Imvana Training College, Durban. …
  • College on Hills, Pretoria. …
  • Pretoria Technical College, Pretoria. …
  • Hugenote Kollege, Wellington. …
  • Raidhi School, East London. …
  • Thekwini TVET College, Berea.
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What’s the highest paying job in social work?

So what are the Highest-Paying Jobs in Social Work?

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager – Median Salary: $80,200.
  • Social Policy Analyst – Median Salary: $74,700.
  • Medical Social Worker – Median Salary: $65,300.
  • Child and Family Therapist – Median Salary: $63,000.

Is a social worker a good job?

Social work makes for an incredibly fulfilling yet emotionally taxing career choice. … Many social workers choose the field exactly for these reasons. They want to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, and social work is one of the most effective professions in helping others.

Do social workers work late?

Social workers work in schools, hospitals, private practices, with veterans, and human service agencies. … Social workers do not have a regular 9 to 5 job. Often their work requires working late nights, weekends, and holidays in addition to court appointments and meeting families at home.

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