Question: Did Idris Sultan win Big Brother Africa?

2million on buying his BMW and Sh1million on a one-week vacation with friends in South Africa. Sultan, who is also a professional photographer emerged the winner of the final season of Big Brother Africa, dubbed Ultimate Hotshot, which was staged in South Africa.

How much does the winner of Big Brother Africa get?

Dillish Mathews from Namibia was the winner of the $300 000 cash prize.

Is Big Brother Africa coming back?

Big Brother Africa Reality Show Cancelled.

Who Won Big Brother Africa Season 2?

When was the last Big Brother Africa held?

Big Brother Africa 9

‘Big Brother Africa 9’
Host: Ikponmwosa “IK” Osakioduwa
Number of Days: 63
Runtime: 5 October 2014 – 7 December 2014
Season Chronology

How many times did UTI go for Big Brother?

Uti Nwachukwu

Season(s) Competed In: Big Brother Africa 3, Big Brother Africa 5
Number of Days Spent in House: 42 (S3) 91 (S5) 133 (Total)
House Status: Evicted (S3) Winner (S5)
Position Finished In: 10th (out of 12) (S3) 1st (out of 14) (S5)
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