Quick Answer: Is Russian spoken in Africa?

While Russia no longer has an official presence on the continent, Africa is still home to large groups of Russian speakers. Azerbaijan could have up to 4.9 million Russian speakers, though only a small fraction of those are native speakers. Similarly, Estonia has a Russian-speaking population around 1.1 million.

How many people speak Russian in Africa?

In 2010, there were 259.8 million speakers of Russian in the world: in Russia – 137.5 million, in the CIS and Baltic countries – 93.7 million, in Eastern Europe – 12.9 million, Western Europe – 7.3 million, Asia – 2.7 million, Middle East and North Africa – 1.3 million, Sub-Saharan Africa – 0.1 million, Latin America – …

What language is closest to Russian?

Russian sits within the East Slavic branch of the Slavic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. The closest relatives of Russian are Ukrainian and Belarussian, which you will be able to understand on a basic level after learning Russian.

Is Russian a dying language?

The Russian language is dying there. If you look globally, the number of Russian speakers decreased by a minimum of 50 million people during the last 20 years. This has happened so dramatically and so fast. … For example, there are republics where interest in the Russian language is very high.

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