What are the fat trees in Africa called?

African baobab trees are truly one of the wonders of the natural world. Native to Sub-Saharan Africa, the strange trees look like they were drawn by Dr. Seuss, with wide, fat, trunks capped by sparse branches covered in green leaves.

Why are Boab trees fat?

Older trees can grow so fat that they hollow out, then store water in the hollow. After prolonged years of drought, the water inside the tree evaporates and the integrity of the baobab simply falls apart from the inside out.

What is the oldest baobab tree in the world?

In one study the tree was carbon-dated and found to be an estimated 1,060 years old, plus or minus 75 years.

Sunland Baobab
Base of tree
Sunland Baobab
Species Baobab (Adansonia digitata)
Coordinates 23°37′16″S 30°11′53″ECoordinates: 23°37′16″S 30°11′53″E

Why are baobabs so dangerous?

Baobab trees are a dangerous menace in The Little Prince. They resemble rosebushes at first, but if they aren’t carefully monitored, their roots may destroy a small planet like the little prince’s.

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