What did the Central African Republic used to be called?

From 1976 to 1979, the country was known as the Central African Empire. During the colonial era, the country’s name was Ubangi-Shari which is derived from the Ubangi River and the Chari River.

What was the former name of Central African Republic?

The French were ultimately successful and named it the French Congo (later French Equatorial Africa), with its capital at Brazzaville. The French colonies included Ubangi-Shari (Oubangui-Chari; which later became the Central African Republic), Chad, Gabon, and the Middle Congo (which became the Republic of the Congo).

Is Central African Republic same as Congo?

The Belgian Congo gained independence (as the Republic of the Congo, later renamed Democratic Republic of the Congo) on 30 June 1960, followed by the French territory of Ubangi-Shari (as the Central African Republic) on 13 August 1960, and their mutual frontier became an international one between two sovereign states.

What is the main religion in Central African Republic?

Christianity is the largest religion in Central African Republic, with Catholicism being the largest branch. Islam is practiced by 9 percent of the population.

What 4 items did the Kongo trade?

The kingdom of Kongo, with a population of well over 2 million people at its peak, prospered thanks to trade in ivory, copper, salt, cattle hides, and slaves.

What is the dominant landform of Central Africa?

The dominant landform of Central Africa is the watershed of the Congo River. A watershed is the land drained by a river and its system of tributaries. At the center of the watershed is a depression called the Congo Basin.

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