What does Fede mean in South Africa?

Fede – South African township greeting meaning “Hello, how are you?”

How do they say hello in South Africa?

‘Howzit’ is a general greeting used by all races, all over the country. It started out as “how are you” but now it’s just another way to say “hello”.

What does LYTI mean in South Africa?

noun. South African Slang. Pronounced – (Lie-Tee) Meaning a young male or boy.

What is I love you in South Africa?

Valentine’s Day: How to say “I love you” in all 11 official languages of South Africa: Afrikaans: Ek is lief vir jou or ek het jou lief. English: I love you (for those who were struggling).

What’s so special about South Africa?

South Africa is the world’s biggest producer of gold, platinum, chromium, vanadium, manganese and alumino-silicates. It also produces nearly 40% of the world’s chrome and vermiculite. Durban is the largest port in Africa and the ninth largest in the world. South Africa generates two-thirds of Africa’s electricity.

How do you say shut up in South Africa?

bek – derogatory term for mouth (Afrikaans: an animal’s mouth); hou jou bek – “shut up” (literally” “hold your [animal’s] mouth”). This translates well into British English as “Shut your gob.”

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What does Danko mean in South Africa?

It’s apparently a new skrr skrr way of saying dankie – which means thank you.

What does Kiff mean in South Africa?

Southern African slang excellent; cool.

What does hongi mean in South Africa?

The meaning of hongi roughly translates to the “sharing of breath,” which is a fairly significant gesture. Once a visitor, also referred to as a manuhiri, enacts the hongi with a local, a sense of responsibility is also imparted to that individual about their place in the delicate ecosystem of the island.

What does Mara mean in South Africa?

Mara (pron. mah-rah) – but (eg. ‘ mara why?’ – ‘ but why?) [from the Afrikaans word ‘maar’ meaning ‘but’]

What does Gabadiya mean in South Africa?

According to 2 people from South Africa, the name Gabadiya is of African origin and means “Boss”. A submission from South Africa says the name Gabadiya means “Starring” and is of African origin.

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