What does SSA stand for in South Africa?

The mandate of the State Security Agency (SSA) is to provide the government with intelligence on domestic and foreign threats or potential threats to national stability, the constitutional order, and the safety and well-being of our people.

Does South Africa have social security?

South African Social Security Agency (https://www.sassa.gov.za/) administers the universal and social assistance programs.

Does South Africa have a secret service?

The South African Secret Service (SASS) was the previous name of a South African intelligence agency. Currently, it is known as the Foreign Branch of the State Security Agency. It is responsible for all non-military foreign intelligence and for counterintelligence within the Service itself.

Does South Africa have an intelligence agency?

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) was the previous name of an intelligence agency of the South African government. Currently it is known as the Domestic Branch of the State Security Agency.

National Intelligence Agency (South Africa)

Agency overview
Website www.ssa.gov.za

How much is the pension grant in South Africa?

How much will you get? The maximum amount that you will get is R1 890 per month. If you are older than 75 years, you will get R1 910.

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How social Security is administered in South Africa?

The social security system in South Africa

The social grants in South Africa administered by SASSA are funded by national taxes but are means-tested; it only pays out if you receive below a certain income threshold and does not rely on the amount of your SASSA payments.

Is there FBI in South Africa?

Pretoria, South Africa — FBI.

How do I join the South African Special Forces?

Only Regular and Reserve Force (including MSDS) members are allowed to apply (and not the general public), the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) said. Other requirements include being between 18 and 26 years of age; having no criminal record; a medical classification of G1K1 Green; and not being area bound.

How do I join the CIA in South Africa?

The path career Internal Auditors follow in sequence is:

  1. Obtaining an academic qualification. …
  2. Become a member of the Institute. …
  3. Go through the IIA SA’s Professional Training Program. …
  4. Write the CIA exam as the final test of competence.

How can I be a spy?

Basic requirements to become a spy

  1. Don’t get in trouble with the law. Any criminal record is likely to end your application.
  2. Don’t do drugs. They often give drug tests to applicants. …
  3. Go to university. Most intelligence organisations expect their officers to have a good education. …
  4. Be ready to travel. …
  5. Be a citizen.

How can I join national intelligence?

The UPSC exam is conducted to allot candidates to the Civil service examination. Once you have cleared the civil service examination and the training, you could join NIA directly without any other issues.

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