What fish can you keep with African cichlids?

Will African cichlids kill other fish?

In comparison with certain other common aquarium fishes, many people find cichlids to be rather aggressive fish. Often one cichlid will chase other fish and possibly even kill other fish. … Some cichlids in the wild have a feeding territory, i.e., a region in the lake or river space that it tries to keep all to its own.

Can catfish live with African cichlids?

The Pictus Catfish is a bottom feeder and come recommended as a tank mate for African Cichlids. But, their water parameters, although not too different, do have some variations. They have to have plenty of hiding places with things like rocks, plants, small caves and driftwood.

Can tilapia live with African cichlids?

Aquarium species

In specialised cichlid aquaria, tilapia can be mixed successfully with nonterritorial cichlids, armored catfish, tinfoil barbs, garpike, and other robust fish.

What are the least aggressive African cichlids?

Covered below are some of the least aggressive species whom also hold the honor of being the most popular among aquarium hobbyists.

  • Electric Yellow Lab Cichlid Labidochromos caeruleus.
  • Yellow Tail Acei Cichlid Pseudotropheus acai.
  • Sulfur Head Peacock Cichlid Aulonocara maylandia.
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What is the most peaceful cichlid?

Keyhole Cichlid (Cleithracara maronii) – A very peaceful species, the keyhole cichlid grows only 4 to 5 inches in length. These fish are very shy and need to have plenty of hiding places in the tank. They are very nonaggressive with other tankmates and will always back down from a fight.

Can you put Pictus catfish with African cichlids?

African cichlids can make great tank mates for the pictus catfish. If you consider everything we’ve said here and if you make sure that the requirements are met, then they will happily live together.

What kind of catfish can live with African cichlids?

The spotted Raphael catfish, hifin catfish, upside down catfish, ocellifer catfish and spotted catfish are all suitable as tankmates for African cichlids. These catfish will feed heavily on algae in the aquarium, but will require supplementary feeding, particularly once the algae has been grazed down.

What catfish can you keep with cichlids?

African Cichlids

Despite their aggression, most will tolerate several different kinds of catfish. This includes larger species of Rafael catfish, plecos and Synodontis catfish (including the upside-down catfish). You can also include various rainbowfish in an African cichlid tank.

Can I put angelfish with African cichlids?

Though many species in the cichlid family are known for their aggression, angelfish are typically not very aggressive. … Even small cichlids like rams, Krib’s cichlids and keyholes can cohabitate peacefully with angelfish.

What are the best African cichlids for beginners?

If there is one universally agreed upon beginner cichlid, it’s probably the convict cichlid. These fish are incredibly hardy, breed readily, and are extremely prolific. If someone wants to experience all a cichlid has to offer, then these are the perfect fish.

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Can all African cichlids live together?

When it comes to choosing tank mates, not all Cichlids are compatible. First of all, some are aggressive and others are not. Most African and Central American Cichlids are aggressive in nature; hence they must not be kept together in the same tank.

Will African cichlids eat neon tetras?

African Cichlids and tetras

Most African cichlids grow quite big and are therefore able to eat all tetras. … Also, do not keep African cichlids with your regular ember/neon/cardinal tetra as they are too small and will get eaten by African cichlids as they are way bigger.

Do African cichlids get lonely?

From their experience the cichlids become very timid when kept alone. They do not explore the tank in the same way they would do when they were kept together with more fish from the same species. … However, they did argue the fish might be lonely.

Which cichlids are more aggressive?

All rift lake cichlids are more aggressive than tropical community fish.

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