What is per capita income of Africa?

Characteristic GDP per capita in thousand U.S. dollars
Equatorial Guinea 8.07
Botswana 7.82
South Africa 5.44
Namibia 4.37

Which African country has the highest per capita income?

Richest African Countries by GDP per Capita

  • Seychelles – $26,120.
  • Mauritius – $22,030.
  • Equatorial Guinea – $18,240.
  • Botswana – $18,110.
  • Gabon – $16,240.
  • Madagascar – $13,720.
  • Egypt – $13,080.
  • South Africa – $12,440.

What is the average income for Africa?

In this article, we’ll explore the median income around the world. According to 2013 data from Gallup, the median household income worldwide is $9,733.

Median Income By Country 2021.

Country South Africa
Median Household Income $5,217
Median per-capita Income $1,217
Median Annual Income $6,040
2021 Population 60,041,994

What is the per capita income in sub Saharan Africa?

In 2018, aggregated GDP per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa amounted to around 4,097.85 U.S. dollars.

What is the average GDP per capita in Africa?

This is a list of African countries by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita based on purchasing power parity (PPP).

List of African countries by GDP (PPP) per capita.

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Country GDP per capita (Int$)
Algeria 11,268
Angola 6,538
Benin 3,505
Botswana 16,920

What is the richest country in Africa 2020?


  • 1 | NIGERIA – THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN AFRICA (GDP: $446.543 Billion) …
  • 2 | SOUTH AFRICA (GDP: $358.839 Billion) …
  • 3 | EGYPT (GDP: $302.256 Billion) …
  • 4 | ALGERIA (GDP: $172.781 Billion) …
  • 5 | MOROCCO (GDP: $119,04 Billion) …
  • 6 | KENYA (GDP: $99,246 Billion)

What are the 3 poorest countries in Africa?

Over half of the nations in Africa are considered to be the poorest in the world.

The ten poorest countries in Africa, with their GDP per capita, are:

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo ($785)
  • Burundi ($808)
  • Liberia ($867)
  • Niger ($1,153)
  • Malawi ($1,172)
  • Mozambique ($1,266)
  • Eritrea ($1,434)
  • South Sudan ($1,503)

Is Nigeria the richest country in Africa?

South Africa concentrated the largest amount of private wealth in Africa as of 2020, some 604 billion U.S. dollars.

Total private wealth in Africa as of 2020, by country (in billion U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Wealth in billion U.S. dollars
Nigeria 207
Morocco 111
Kenya 90
Ethiopia 57

Which country has highest income?

High-income group

Rank Country Year
Bermuda (UK) 2019
1 Liechtenstein 2009
2 Switzerland 2019
Isle of Man (UK) 2018

How much does the average person make a year 2020?

How much did the average person make a year in 2020? A US worker typically earns about $94,700 per year. The lowest median American salary is about $24,000 while the highest average salary is $423,000, although the actual maximum salary is much higher.

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Which region in Sub Saharan Africa is the wealthiest?

Nigeria and South Africa, the region’s wealthiest countries, generate almost half of the region’s GDP.

Why is Botswana so rich?

Diamonds accounted for much of the growth of Botswana’s GDP. … Further, while Botswana is De Beers’ largest supplier of rough diamonds, Debswana, Botswana’s diamond mining partnership with De Beers, transfers more than 75 percent of its profits to the Botswana government and now owns about 15 percent of De Beers .

Why is Seychelles so rich?

According to the World Bank’s country profile on Seychelles, the island nation earned $1.4 billion dollars in GDP last year, with the majority of its income coming from tourism, fisheries and the offshore financial industry. … The Seychelles is now sub-Saharan Africa’s top earner in terms of GNI per capita.

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