What is the name of an African storyteller?

An African tribal storyteller and musician is called a griot. The griot’s role was to preserve the genealogies and oral traditions of the tribe. They were usually among the oldest men in a tribe.

What is another name for an African storyteller oral historian?

The GRIOT (pronounced “gree-OH”) is a storyteller and oral historian in West Afri- can culture. He is the social memory of the community and the holder of the word.

Can a woman be a jali?

A female griot is referred to as a Jelimuso or Jalimuso (muso meaning “woman). The craft of the griot, Jaliyaa, is traditionally, passed down from father to son and mother to daughter. In the 13th Century West African Empire of Mali, griots served the royal families as advisors, tutors and diplomats.

How do you become a griot?

Traditionally, in order to become a griot, you had to be born into a griot family. It was an art form passed from father to son, almost like an apprenticeship.

What were storytellers called?

In the Middle Ages storytellers, also called a troubadour or a minstrel, could be seen in the market places and were honored as members of royal courts.

What is the theme of storytelling in African literature?

The storytelling experience is always ritual, always a rite of passage; one relives the past and, by so doing, comes to insight about present life. Myth is both a story and a fundamental structural device used by storytellers.

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What is modern griot?

Recently the term ‘modern griot’ has appeared to mean any African or African American who is a keeper of oral history, musician, singer, and instrumentalist. In order to be a griot you must have griots in your ancestry. Many griots will perform their lineage before starting a performance.

What strengthened colonial rule in Africa?

Answer: Tension between African peoples.

What is the difference between a griot and a storyteller?

As nouns the difference between storyteller and griot

is that storyteller is a person who relates stories through one medium or another to an audience while griot is a west african storyteller who passes on oral traditions; a wandering musician and poet.

What is a griot in African culture?

A griot is a West African storyteller, singer, musician, and oral historian. They train to excel as orators, lyricists and musicians. The griot keeps records of all the births, deaths, marriages through the generations of the village or family.

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