What is the oldest known city in Africa south of the Sahara Desert?

C., making Djenné-Djeno the oldest known city in Africa south of the Sahara.

Which was Africa’s oldest known city?


Name Historical region Continuously inhabited since
Mombasa Swahili Coast c. 900 AD
Moroni Swahili Coast 10th century
Agadez Mali Empire, Songhai Empire 11th century
Kano Kano State 11th century

What is the oldest country?

Which is the best climate zone in Africa for farming?

The climate of the African rainforest is drier and very suitable for successful agriculture. Tropical rainforests build ecological systems adapted to warm and humid climates.

Who owns the Sahara Desert?

We don’t own the Sahara desert. The Sahara is “owned” by Africans in at least 11 countries. Many of those countries are not exactly paragons of political stability (e.g. Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia).

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