What is the smiling coast of Africa?

The Gambia is well known as ‘the smiling coast’ and not without good reason. Gambians are among the friendliest people you could hope to meet.

Which country is popularly called the Smiling coast and it is the smallest country in Africa?

The Gambia is arguably one of the smallest countries in Africa, but its people are said to have the biggest hearts. The country is famously nicknamed ‘The Smiling Coast’ and it has over the last decade become a tourist hotspot.

Is Gambia a Islamic country?

Muslims constitute 96 percent of the population of the Gambia according to the CIA World Factbook, making Gambia a Muslim majority country. The vast majority are Sufi Sunnis influenced with Sufism, of which the main orders represented are Tijaniyah, Qadiriyah.

What does the word Gambia mean?

The Gambia is the official name of the smallest West African country. … The Portuguese who first explored the country named it after the river known as ‘The River Gambia. ‘ The Portuguese thus named it ‘The Gambia. ‘ [In Portuguese A Gâmbia] So when Britain took over, they maintained that name.

Who colonized Gambia?

Britain declared the Gambia River a British Protectorate in 1820. In 1886, Gambia became a crown colony, and the following year France and Britain drew the boundaries between Senegal (by then a French colony) and The Gambia.

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