What kind of plants are in South Africa?

What are common plants in South Africa?

They included agapanthus, gerberas, gazanias, clivias, daisies, aloes, pigface, red hot pokers, leucadendrons, dietes iris, gladiolus, proteas, Arum lilies, plumbago, jasmine, coral trees, ochna, and strelitzias, just to name a few.

What types of plants and animals live in South Africa?

Besides the most well known animals like lions, leopards and elephants there are such species as rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, baboons, mongooses, jackals, various cats and many kind of antelopes living in the South African nature environment.

What is South African national flower?

The giant or king protea is widely distributed in the south-western and southern areas of the Western Cape, from the Cedarberg up to just east of Grahamstown. The artichoke-like appearance of the flower-heads of the king protea lead to the specific name ‘cynaroides’, which means ‘like cynara’ (the artichoke).

Which shrubs are native to South Africa?

Protea (Protea cynaroides)

  • Protea repens.
  • Protea stokoei.
  • Protea obtusifolia.
  • Protea magnifica.
  • Protea cynaroides.
  • Protea caffra.

What is South Africa famous for?

South Africa, the southernmost country on the African continent, renowned for its varied topography, great natural beauty, and cultural diversity, all of which have made the country a favoured destination for travelers since the legal ending of apartheid (Afrikaans: “apartness,” or racial separation) in 1994.

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