What percentage of South Africa is urbanized?

Is South Africa a mostly urban country?

In 2019, Gabon had the highest urbanization rate in Africa, with nearly 90 percent of its population living in urban areas.

Urbanization rate in Africa in 2019, by country.

Characteristic Share of population
South Africa 66.86%
Cabo Verde 66.2%
Angola 66.18%
Morocco 62.99%

Is South Africa more urban or rural?

According to the UN’s data, South Africa is more urbanised than rural, with 64.3% of the country’s population (34.17 million people) living in urban areas, compared to 35.7% (18.9 million) dwelling in rural areas by mid-year 2014.

What is the infant mortality in South Africa?

The current infant mortality rate for South Africa in 2021 is 25.039 deaths per 1000 live births, a 2.84% decline from 2020. The infant mortality rate for South Africa in 2020 was 25.772 deaths per 1000 live births, a 2.77% decline from 2019.

How many people are living in urban areas in South Africa?

The value for Urban population in South Africa was 38,339,670 as of 2018.

What is Urbanisation in South Africa?

South Africa is urbanising rapidly: 63% of South Africans are already living in urban areas and the statistics will rise to 71% by 2030. By 2050, eight in 10 people will be living in urban areas and this will increase demand on basic infrastructure requirements.

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Why is urbanization in Africa bad?

Recent African urbanization analyses have confirmed the problems of limited job creation, inadequate structural transformation, and poor livability seen in many sub-Saharan African cities today.

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