What season is January in Africa?

The short dry season lasts from January to February. Northern Tanzania and Kenya experience two rainy seasons: one major rainy season lasting from March to May, and a more sporadic rainy season lasting from November to December.

Is January summer in Africa?

Located in the southern hemisphere, South Africa experiences summer in January. This means you can expect plenty of warm sunshine and high temperatures throughout the month. South Africa has a temperate climate and is surrounded by the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, which influences the weather in January.

Is Africa cold in January?

The east coast is on the Indian Ocean, which has a warm current. The west coast is on the Atlantic Ocean with a cold current.

Climate Chart Nelspruit – 676m / 2,221ft.

Month Min Max
January 19 °C / 66 °F 29 °C / 84 °F
February 19 °C / 66 °F 29 °C / 84 °F
March 18 °C / 64 °F 28 °C / 82 °F

What is the season in Africa?

Seasons in Africa are opposite of North American seasons, so its autumn runs from March through May; spring runs from September through November. According to the Weather Channel, the best general months for an African safari are September, October, March or April, when temperatures aren’t so scorching-hot.

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Is January a good time to visit South Africa?

Visiting South Africa in January

January sees hot and dry weather in the Cape, making it an excellent time of year for trips to Cape Town and the Garden Route. The Kruger and KwaZulu Natal also have high temperatures, but sunny periods are interspersed with tropical rainstorms.

Which country is the coldest in Africa?

The Coldest And Snowing Countries In Africa AFRICA- Lesotho located in Southern Africa is the coldest country in Africa, it covers 30,355 sq km (11,720 sq mi).

Does it snow in Africa?

Yes, snow is an annual occurrence on some parts of the continent. Africa is the world’s hottest continent with about 60% of the continent consisting of deserts and drylands, but some parts of Southern Africa and African mountains receive snow regularly.

Is Africa hot or cold?

Precipitation intensity is always high, and it is a hot continent. Warm and hot climates prevail all over Africa, but mostly the northern part is marked by aridity and high temperatures. Only the northernmost and the southernmost fringes of the continent have a Mediterranean climate.

How cold is winter in South Africa?

Here, the climate is constantly mild, with average daytime temperatures around 16 °C (61 °F) in winter and around 20 °C (68 °F) in summer, even though rapid increases in temperature may occur when the wind blows from the desert, which lies to the east and is scorchingly hot in summer.

Is South Africa hot or cold?

South Africa’s climatic conditions generally range from Mediterranean in the southwestern corner of South Africa to temperate in the interior plateau, and subtropical in the northeast. A small area in the northwest has a desert climate. Most of the country has warm, sunny days and cool nights.

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Which country has the best climate in Africa?

While you won’t say that looking at the past week, South Africa is actually world-renowned for its sunshiney weather. Which is why our beloved #Mzansi, along with Greece, Costa Rica and Cyprus, has made the rankings as one of the Top 10 Countries with the Best Weather and Climate.

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