What type of coastline Africa have?

What type of coastline does Africa have?

Lowland coasts with long, sandy beaches predominate, rugged, mountainous coasts are rare. Offshore Africa’s continental shelf covers only 1.28 × 106km2, compared with 9.38 × 106km2 for Asia and 6.74 × 106km2 for North America.

Does Africa have a smooth coastline?

The coastline of Africa is remarkably straight, free from the indentations that make for good natural harbors. … No major coastal island (except Madagascar – the 4th largest island in the world). The coastline is generally smooth.

Where is the coastline in Africa?

Madagascar, composed of a larger island and many smaller islands, has the largest coastline in Africa. Coastlines are areas that lie between land and sea.

Countries in Africa With the Longest Coastlines.

Rank Country Coastline (Km)
1 Madagascar 4,828
2 Somalia 3,333
3 South Africa 2,798
4 Mozambique 2,470

Why is Africa so flat?

One hypothesis is that a collision between Africa and another oceanic plate occurred around 250 million years ago. The collision upheaved these layers. The apparent flat appearance of the top of the mountain probably reflects the original sedimentary layers.

What is the shape of Africa?

Geographically, Africa resembles a bulging sandwich. The sole continent to span both the north and south temperate zones, it has a thick tropical core lying between one thin temperate zone in the north and another in the south.

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What can you say about the size of Africa?

The continent of Africa is larger than the United States, China and Brazil combined. At 30.2 million square kilometers, its land mass covers 20.4 percent of the earth’s total land area.

What country has the shortest coastline in Africa?

Among the African Countries, Democratic Republic of the Congo has the shortest coastline.

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