Which country in Africa has the most bananas?

Uganda goes wild and grows more Bananas than any other African Country. the Pearl of Africa per capita than anywhere else in all of Africa. Uganda grows more Bananas than any other nation in the World but India. Ugandans consume more Bananas than anyone else.

Which country has the best banana in Africa?

According to FAO, bananas continue to be the most produced and consumed fruit in the world. Angola, in particular, for more than six years has declared itself self-sufficient in banana production, with emphasis on the provinces of Bengo and Benguela.

Which country has the most banana?

Top 10 Largest Banana Producing Countries in the World

Rank Country Production in Metric Tons
1 India 24.87 million
2 China 10.55 million
3 Philippines 9.226 million
4 Ecuador 7.012 million

Are bananas native to Africa?

For people living in the tropics, bananas can be vital to daily survival. This is particularly true in Africa, which has very few native domesticable plants. … Until recently, most African scholars assumed that the banana, which is native to New Guinea, was not introduced into Africa earlier than about 2000 years ago.

Who discovered the banana?

In 327 BC, when Alexander The Great and his army invaded India, he discovered banana crop in the Indian Valleys. After tasting this unusual fruit for the first time, he introduced this new discovery to the Western world. By 200 AD bananas had spread to China.

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What country is known for bananas?

Bananas are predominantly produced in Asia, Latin America and Africa. The biggest producers are India, which produced 29 million tonnes per year on average between 2010 and 2017, and China at 11 million tonnes.

What country has bananas?

Production and export

Country Bananas Total
India 29.1 29.1
China 13.1 13.1
Philippines 5.8 8.9
Ecuador 6.5 7.1
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