Which is the largest mall in East Africa?

What is the biggest mall in East Africa?

Two Rivers Mall

Two Rivers is the biggest Mall in East Africa. The Mall is partly owned by Centum and majorly by the Kenya billionaire Dr. Chris Kirubi. It is located in Nairobi, Kenya on an area of 65,000 square meters.

Which is the second largest mall in Africa?

The Largest Shopping Malls in Africa

Rank Mall Name Square Footage (meters squared)
1 Mall of Arabia 267,000
2 Gateway Theatre of Shopping 220,000
3 Cairo Festival City 160,000
4 Canal Walk 141,000

What is the name of the biggest mall in West Africa?

Kumasi City Mall

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location Kumasi, Ghana
Opening date May 10, 2017
Total retail floor area 18,000 m2 (190,000 sq ft)
Website www.kumasicitymall.com

Which is the most beautiful mall in South Africa?

Top 10 Biggest Malls In South Africa

  • Fourways Mall in Johannesburg. …
  • Menlyn Park Shopping Centre. …
  • Gateway Theatre of Shopping. …
  • Canal Walk in Cape Town. …
  • Sandton City South Africa. …
  • Eastgate Shopping Centre. …
  • The Pavilion. …
  • Mall of Africa.

Is Fourways Mall bigger than Mall of Africa?

At 178,000m², from 85,000m², the Fourways Mall is now larger than Pretoria’s Menlyn Park at 169,000m², Sandton City, the 131,000m² Mall of Africa in Waterfall and the 166,636m² Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Durban.

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Which is the largest mall in South Africa?

Johannesburg: The biggest mall in Johannesburg is Sandton City Mall, which is 215,000 square meters in size. This is also the biggest in the country, as stated. Pretoria and Centurion: With177,000 square meters, Menlyn Park Shopping center is the biggest mall in Pretoria and the second-largest in the country.

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