Which of the three West African kingdoms was the largest text to speech?

Which of the three West African kingdoms was the largest? Songhai was the largest West African kingdom of the three.

What was the most powerful kingdom in West Africa?

The largest and most powerful empire was the Songhai Empire. It is believed to be the largest state in African history. The empire existed between 1000 CE and 1591 CE and came to an end as a result of the Moroccan musketry.

Which of these had the biggest impact on West African kingdoms?

Explanation: The trans-Saharan trade between the year 400 CE to 1000 CE has the biggest impact on west African kingdoms.

What part of Africa was first introduced to Islam?

Islam came to root along the East African coast some time in the 8th century, as part of a continuing dialogue between the people on the East coast and traders from the Persian Gulf and Oman. Like early Christianity, Islam was monotheistic, that is, Muslims worship only one God.

What 2 kingdoms was Timbuktu part of?

Timbuktu was part of Songhai and Mali.

How did West Africa get so wealthy?

The king of Ghana spread his power through trade. Gold, ivory, and slaves were bartered for salt from the Arabs. Horses, cloth, swords and books were bartered from North Africans and Europeans. Ghana achieved much of its wealth by trading with the Arabs.

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