Who does African bank belong to?

African Bank is owned by the South African Reserve Bank, the Government Employees Pension Fund and six of the nation’s largest commercial lenders, which stepped in to save it with an equity injection when its owner, African Bank Investments Ltd., went into administration in 2014.

Who are the owners of African Bank?

African Bank Limited, is a retail bank in South Africa, that offers financial products and services.


Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 South African Reserve Bank (SARB) 50.00
2 Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) 25.00
3 FirstRand Bank Limited 7.00
4 Standard Bank of South Africa Limited 6.00

Is African bank part of Absa?

ABGL is the majority shareholder of 11 banks located in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania (two entities), Uganda and Zambia.

Absa Group Limited.

Formerly Barclays Africa Group Limited Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA)
Type Public
Traded as JSE: ABG

Is African bank listed on the JSE?

Funding overview. Bonds raised under the Bank’s Domestic Medium Term Note Programme (DMTN). The bonds are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

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Is African bank part of Standard Bank?

The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited is a major South African bank and financial services group. It is Africa’s biggest lender by assets.

Standard Bank.

Type Public
Founded 15 October 1862
Successor Standard Chartered
Headquarters Standard Bank Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Is African Bank safe to bank with?

Risk to the capital over time:

There is not much risk in depositing the capital with a South African registered and licensed bank. The interest rate quoted will be what is earned, and the initial capital invested should by all accounts be secured.

Who is the CEO of African Bank?

What happened to Trust bank South Africa?

In 1992 Volkskas merged with other banks to become Absa, now the largest bank in South Africa.

Is Absa a good bank?

Absa was the only bank to have a net positive score on credit-related issues.


# Bank
1 Absa
2 Capitec
3 Nedbank

Is African Bank in financial trouble?

African Bank has published it financial results for the year ended September 2020, reporting a net loss of R27 million, against a R1. 7 billion for the year ended September 2019, while return on equity (RoE) was negative 0.3% (FY19: 11.6%). …

Which is the best company to invest in South Africa?

Top 10 Investment companies in South Africa

  1. AllanGray. …
  2. Stanlib. …
  3. Prudential Investment Managers. …
  4. Coronation. …
  5. Investec. …
  6. iTransact Fund Managers (IFM) …
  7. Absa. …
  8. Old Mutual.

Is Coca-Cola listed on the JSE?

But this week, American giant The Coca-Cola Company announced that it will list its African bottling operation in Amsterdam and on the JSE within the next 18 months. … Its listing will be significant for the JSE, says First National Bank portfolio manager Wayne McCurrie.

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