You asked: What is I love you in South Africa?

Valentine’s Day: How to say “I love you” in all 11 official languages of South Africa: Afrikaans: Ek is lief vir jou or ek het jou lief. English: I love you (for those who were struggling). Ndebele: Niyakutanda.

How do you say I love you in all South African languages?

The 11 official South African languages:

  1. English – I love you.
  2. Afrikaans – Ek is lief vir jou.
  3. Sepedi – Ke a go rata.
  4. IsiNdebele – Niyakutanda.
  5. IsiXhosa – Ndiyakuthanda.
  6. IsiZulu – Ngiyakuthanda.
  7. Sesotho – Ke a go rata.
  8. SiSwati – Ngiyakutsandza.

What does Lala mean in South Africa?

Origin: Xhosa, ZuluShow more. To sleep; to lie down; to rest; cf. doedoe. Occasionally in the phrase lala kahle /-ɡaːɬe/ [see gashle], sleep well.

What is the most romantic language in South Africa?

Everybody knows isiXhosa is the most romantic language. And since February is the the month of love, South Africa asked an Afro-Pop sensation to teach us a isiXhosa love song. Imbeko is a not for profit organisation that encourages the learning, teaching and speaking of the isiXhosa language.

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How do you say love you in Africa?

Ways to Say “I Love You” in Africa

If you want to say “I love you” in Swahili, “nakupenda” is the word that you need.

What does beautiful mean in African?

Zuri. An African-Swahili origin name that means ‘beautiful. ‘

What is the African word for strong?

Jaali is a male name coming out of the Swahili language. It means Powerful or strong. This name can be found in places like South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and so on. This name has even made its way to Europe, as many Africans in Diaspora have taken a liking to it.

What is love is beautiful in African?

The name Lolonyo is primarily a male name of African origin that means Love Is Beautiful.

How do u say hello in South Africa?

Predominantly spoken in KwaZulu-Natal, Zulu is understood by at least 50% of South Africans.

  1. Hello! – Sawubona! ( …
  2. Hello! – Molo (to one) / Molweni (to many) …
  3. Hello! – Haai! / Hallo! …
  4. Hello – Dumela (to one) / Dumelang (to many) …
  5. Hello – Dumela. …
  6. Hello – Dumela (to one) / Dumelang (to many) …
  7. Hello – Avuxeni. …
  8. Hello – Sawubona.

How do you say goodbye in South Africa?

In typical South African multi-purpose style, ‘aweh‘ can also mean ‘goodbye’ or ‘yes’.

Is Lala a girl or boy?

She is often seen to look out for the other Teletubbies. She is a silly and cute Teletubby, and most of the time she has a cheerful personality. She is as intelligent as Tinky Winky and Dipsy and Po.

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Gender Female
Height 6’6″
Hair None
Eyes Brown

What is beautiful in South Africa language?

The word beautiful is KUHLE in Zulu. Zulu is a major Bantu language spoken in South Africa. There are also various variations of the word Beautiful in Zulu; e.g Amahle, Enhle, Umuhle.

What is Love called in different languages?

Also, not every individual on this earth can speak or understand all the languages.

How Do We Say Love in Different Languages? – Translate Love.

S.No. Language Translation
1 love in English love
2 love in Spanish Amor
3 love in Hindi मोहब्बत, or mohabbat
4 love in Japanese 愛, or Ai
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